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It’ll be a cold day in hades when I get married again. Besides, as a billionaire widower, dating isn’t a priority. I have more important things to focus on. My mother is overcompensating for having an eternally single son by getting married herself. And who does she insist on having plan the wedding? Me. The guy who’d rather spoon his own eyes out than have to sit through a wedding ceremony. She layers guilt on guilt until I can’t say no. It’s her day, after all. But I don’t know the first thing about planning a wedding. Apparently, there’s a difference between warm white and cool white. I need a professional. That’s when she comes in. A breath of fresh air with curves that shake me right to my core. She’s going to be the perfect distraction. And the hot piece on my arm as my date for the wedding. Two birds. One stone. An ice-cold heart thawed and wanting love.

Kylie Wake’s dream is to teach the flute. As she recovers from chronic illness, a teaching opportunity at a new music conservatory comes her way. Despite the risk to her health, she will polish her teaching skills with a young musicians’ group her handsome band conductor, Peter McNeil, has formed. Peter’s past experiences have turned him off relationships. The attraction to Kylie is unwelcome and he fights his building desire. When their time together goes beyond music, neither can resist. But when their pasts interfere, can the passion between them survive?

For centuries, all the men in my family have captured their brides. Mine is sold to me instead, watching me with wide eyes as the judge marries us. All I want to do is love her, but she runs from me. I’m Jedidiah Shay, and I’m going after my runaway wife. I’ll find you, my silent little Dove, and make you mine. This is what it means to be a Shay.

Diego: Everything I’ve always wanted is mine for the taking. My uncle makes me an offer I can’t refuse— marry Camila Castro, youngest daughter of the most powerful drug lord in Mexico, seal our shaky alliance and then rule the Five Families. It’s the chance to reclaim my birthright and lead my family. It’s the chance to rule. I don’t know anything about Camila— except she’s an eighteen-year-old brat who’s used to getting whatever she wants. Every narco in Latin America would sell his soul for one night with the raven-haired, brown-eyed beauty, and I’m the lucky bastard who gets to put my ring on her finger. I should be thrilled. But I’m not. Marriage was never part of my plan. My depraved soul isn’t capable of love, and a woman like her needs a more tender touch than I can offer. So why does she intrigue me? Why do her tantrums make me harder than steel? And why does she flatten me with her gaze? She can fight me all she wants, but like it or not, she’s MINE.

Dell: When the dust settled after the Halloween party that changed so many lives, I was left in the shadows. I watched the people I lived next to for years forget about me as they picked up the pieces of their lives. How could they find a new normal when I’m left no better than fog? Darkness and bitterness have become my constant companions and I have no doubt that’s how it will always be. Even though I’m angry, what else can I do but continue to watch from the darkest corners of Screaming Woods while everyone goes on? I’m not expecting a light to suddenly appear. Caroline isn’t all monster, but, as a child of our resident wolfman and his mate, she’s not all human either. As much as I want to give into the pull to her, I’ve spent far too long existing within the shadows. She deserves more, but that won’t stop me from watching her. Caroline: Finding my place in Screaming Woods hasn’t been easy for me. I’m not a monster, but I’m not a human like my mom. I’m something in between. I don’t know where I belong in the only home I’ve ever known. After I turn 18, it feels like there’s something pulling me into the darkest parts of the forest where only shadows live. I ignore it as best I can, but I can feel someone’s eyes on me, waiting for me, calling to me. Something is missing and I have no idea what it is. When I go in search of (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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