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I’m trapped in a cabin with my best friend’s dad and no power. There’s only one way to keep warm… I’m a romance writer who has never been in love. Tall, sexy alpha males exist in my books, but unfortunately not my real life. Until that one night with a stranger… I didn’t know he was my best friend’s dad. He’s arrogant, grumpy, damaged, yet sexy as sin. I should keep my distance. But when his touch sends shivers down my spine, I know I’m in trouble. Now we’re trapped together and I can’t resist anymore. We were supposed to pretend it never happened. But the spark between us is undeniable. Will my best friend accept me as her stepmom?

Dana Lane is swearing off love, and the handsome yet annoying biker next door is making her resolution next to impossible. Jamie Boyle is my parents’ neighbor, friend and successful billionaire land developer. He’s also someone who never fails to get under my skin. I arrogantly assumed he’s just another transient biker, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Against my unwilling heart, I am inexplicably drawn to him. And still stinging from the betrayal of my boyfriend and best friends affair, it’s the very last thing I want. Yet he always shows up to save the day, and his kindness to me and my family is warming my ice cold heart. Jamie, with his charming smile and caring heart, is determined to break down my walls, but is this a debt I can ever repay?

Ava Calvert thinks she’s found her dream gig as a budget travel writer until her boss tells her that her stories are bland and that she needs real travel experience if she wants to keep her job. When he offers her the trip of a lifetime to Australia to work on a story about traveling on a budget, Ava jumps at the chance for real experience. While at a bed and breakfast in Sydney, Ava catches Maddox Brewster stealing her oatmeal packet. When he sees that Ava’s frustrated with trying to enjoy Sydney on a budget, Maddox asks Ava to come to the center of the country for a weekend to show her that they can enjoy Australia without breaking the bank. But there’s more to Maddox than meets the eye.

“What do you want from this? From us?” “That depends on what you are willing to give me.” Maya: I hadn’t seen him in years. But he looked just as sexy, just as powerful, just as deadly. I shouldn’t want him, not when I need his protection. But I feel so safe and loved in his arms. Being wrong has never felt so right. Dominic: She needs my protection, not my passion. But I have to have her. Even if it means moving in with her and sharing her bed. I wasn’t supposed to falling in love with my stepsister. Especially when I have a secret, a past that could threaten to tear us apart.

Prentice Wright was one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He was known for making all the right moves on the field. It was how he led the New York Nighthawks to victory so often. Falling for his teammate’s sister wasn’t a smart play. Especially when Naomi Scott was more than a decade younger than him. But Prentice was also known for being relentless in the pursuit of his goals…and he’d never wanted anything more than to make Naomi his.

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