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Living in a town turned monstrous didn’t leave much hope for finding love, especially when you unexpectedly wound up with horns and flames swirling in your eyes. Koen Kelly didn’t think he’d find a ray of sunshine to ever break through his grumpiness. Then he met Soraya Lovejoy. The pretty author wasn’t afraid of much except for her looming deadline. She needed inspiration for her next paranormal romance, and staying in a place with real monsters seemed like the perfect way to get it. Only she never expected to find her own happily ever after with one of them.

Patience craves answers. Half a century after appearing on the steps of the witch academy, she was still no closer to recovering her lost memories and identity. Tormented nightly by visions of red eyes and burdened by dreams that, although connected, remain unclear. Patience, to distract herself, decides to defy the rules and enter the vampire club, Moarte, an act strictly forbidden for witches. Never expecting her best friend, Michael, to begin his transition into a full demon, Patience, desperate to save him, binds him to his vampiric lover. To make matters worse, Lucius, the domineering brother of the vampire, whom Michael is now bound to, harbors a deep resentment for witches and especially for Patience. Even so, they must now work together to find a soul gem that will untether the bond before her best friend completely consumes his brother’s soul. As their unlikely alliance takes form and their attraction grows, Lucius’ presence draws out long-forgotten memories deep from within Patience. He may just be the key to unlocking her past—but will she be able to convince him that he needs her far more than he needs to kill her? Rediscovering her past and how it binds her to Lucius may just prove to be far more dangerous than either of them imagined.

Devon Steele wants his sexy new neighbor, but will her secret drive them apart? Callie Hargraves is on the run and the sleepy beach town of Flamingo Cove seems the perfect place to hide. She’s just starting to feel safe again when her peace is disturbed in a totally different way when her new neighbor moves in… Devon Steele. A retired military man who wants nothing more than a quiet life as a boat captain. He can tell Callie is hiding something, and he wants nothing to do with her. He’s had his fill of troublesome women in the past and is determined not to repeat his mistakes. They manage to fight their attraction to each other until the day Callie’s secret catches up with her. With her life in danger, will Devon break his promise to himself to keep her safe?

Sometimes taking a wrong turn can lead you down the right path. Dallas Easton, a Gorman Valley Firefighter, knew when his marriage abruptly ended there was more going on than his wife’s inability to emotionally handle the duties that come with being a firefighter. Newly divorced, he shifts his focus to the one person that matters the most – his three-year-old daughter. Letting go, however, isn’t as easy as he leads on. Miranda Moore has been on plenty of dates, and they always end in disaster. Frustrated and single yet again, she decides to move back home until things become more stable in her life. Apparently, finding someone who’s hard-working, dependable, and career-driven is asking for too much, or is it? Dallas needs someone like Miranda and Miranda needs someone like Dallas. How do two people who have shackles around their heart and struggling to stay afloat find each other? Will they be able to get rid of their fears once and for all or will the intersection of Pollard Parkway and 7th Avenue change their lives forever?

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