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Who needs men when you have cupcakes? Life was good. I didn’t need anything. Especially not a sexy, funny, sweet stranger who wanted to go on a date. My friends told me to give him a chance, but I knew he’d take one look at my curvy body and come up with a reason not to go out again. So, I gave him an out. He didn’t take it. The man was relentless. He liked my curves, and he wanted more than just phone calls. He wanted me. How could I say no to that?

My rules: No players. No flirts. No cocky jerks. My exception: Dawson Marsh. Dawson might be every girl’s crush in this small town, but not mine. I can appreciate him from a distance, and that suits me fine. Except that one time he kissed me. Up close and personal. Once is a mistake. But the second time? Sublime. The man should come with some kind of a warning sign: Not safe for work! Hot to the touch! But what kind of girl can’t handle a little friends with benefits action, right? The one who missed the most important warning: Danger, risk of falling.

“Time spent telling someone you love them is never wasted.” Sarah Lawrence and Ryan Crawford were best friends who almost had it all, but Sarah pushed him away and he left for LA to follow his musical dreams before they could take that next step. She had good reasons but kept those to herself. Three years have passed, and Ryan’s band, Indigo King, is back in town to record a new album at the studio where Sarah works. They’ll both need to put the past behind them to work together again. They might finally take their relationship to the next level, but the crazy music business and devastating family tragedy may get in the way of their dreams. Can Almost become Absolutely?

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