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My new servant has deep secrets to hide. Survivor with manners of royalty, she is the puzzle I dared to solve. Gorgeous and witty, she gives me great pleasure to watch her swallow her pride and stay obedient to me, the heir to a dragon throne. Her sharp tongue and rebellious actions are burning me inside out, and I’m not sure anymore if it’s a flame of anger or fire in my heart. Realizing that my servant is my fated mate not only brought more confusion to both of our lives, but placed us in greater danger in front of the highest council in the kingdom. With all my power and position, I won’t hesitate to risk my life and protect my love, even if it means starting a war. Following my heart can cost me my throne and our future, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

After hundreds of years on his own, billionaire bachelor Blaise Draco had given up on finding his mate and turned his attention to growing the computer side of the security business. When he arrived at the Silicon Valley Expo, Blaise already expected to fight off unwanted female attention, but meeting the one woman who was immune to his charms had him intrigued. Luckily, she needed his help and he had his in. Ever since her mother’s death, Maggie Wallace had cared for her father, keeping him focused and fed. The whole of her plans revolved around helping her father negotiate a sale for his software program. Instead, some arrogant rich guy came along and dashed their last hope. He was living the fairy tale. She had given up her dreams. Together they might just build a future.

Fiona: When my father decides that the foundation, I run is the perfect place to rehab a bad boy, I want to protest. However, it’s his foundation and I’ll make the best of it. I’m so ready to be stern and a formidable task master. He’s gorgeous and cocky, like most ball players and I don’t trust ball players after being burned by one. Yet somehow, Knox works his way into my heart. Believing he won’t humiliate me like the last one did doesn’t come easy and I’m almost there when the pictures appear. I can’t believe I fell for it again. I thought I could trust Knox and now my heart is broken. There’s no way he’ll talk his way out of this one. Knox: I’m not looking for Fiona when she enters my life. She’s my punishment for something that I don’t regret. Volunteer at her foundation and all will be forgiven. That’s all this is supposed to be. Yet, once I meet her, I know there’s going to be so much more to it. Fiona is smart, sexy, and doesn’t take anything less than she deserves. Now, I want to be the man she deserves. While planning a surprise for her, something is taken out of context and could ruin everything we’ve been working for. Now, it’s up to me to make her understand that I’d never hurt her and hopefully earn her trust back. 

Cora: Sent to Screaming Woods to write a fluff piece on its resident monsters, I’m ready to meet hairy beasts, ogres, vampires… Heck, I even have an interview scheduled with an actual invisible man. What I’m not prepared for? A snake man. I’m terrified of snakes. Now I’ll have to talk to a man-sized one on a daily basis, because he owns the motel where I’m staying and there are no vacancies elsewhere in town…

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