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He’s the playboy she shouldn’t want. She’s the woman he can’t live without. Brit has spent her life trying to prove herself, and that’s no different when she comes to the Gold. So when she is introduced to Stefan, the Gold’s captain, she is determinedly not interested in the well-known playboy. But when management pushes Brit and Stefan together in an effort to gain good press for the beleaguered team, Brit finds that her carefully calculated disinterest doesn’t mask her body’s desires. She wants him. And the more she falls, the more she risks it all.

Maybe it was because I’d always been a good girl, sheltered my whole life. Or maybe it was because I didn’t know damaged goods when I saw them. But when I met Ethan Richards, I fell hard. I didn’t think about the future or consequences or what was inside his head. I only knew I wanted him. When I become an integral part of his band just as they’re starting out, I experience firsthand the horrors and temptations becoming a rock star can bring, and Ethan breaks my heart again and again. The worst part is I know he’s not hurting me on purpose. But he can be saved. I know it. I see the love and light in his heart. If only I can show him before it’s too late.

I’ve watched the mobster from afar for years. But he found out he’s been hacked–and now he’s coming for me. This city is my home, and my best entertainment. Who needs TV when I’ve got this freakshow at my fingertips? I like to know everything–all the schemes, the threats, the betrayals. Usually, I kick back and watch it unfold with popcorn, but when it’s him in danger, I can’t resist. I send a warning. My weird little crush demands it. And though it saves the mobster… well, he’s not exactly grateful. He sends his own warning. He’s going to find me, and then he’ll kill me. Honestly. Is it really so hard to say thank you?

Falling for your best friends brother isn’t advised. Especially when he’s your much older boss and happens to be a billionaire. Narrowly escaping an abusive husband with my daughter, we only have clothes and a rusty car. Everett is a hunk and loaded, so I can’t understand why he’s so gloomy. His brother set me up as his assistant without asking him and he’s angry. He hides in his office during work. After sunset…we watch each other with looks that keep getting longer. Seeing him shirtless after a workout is the end of my rational thought. I finally pleasured him one night, and that led to another even hotter night. Feeling guilty, we resolved to keep it strictly professional between us. My resolve is gone and I am seeing cracks in his. But old demons keep lurking, even so, I want an US or I may have to go.

They had the honor to be obedient servants. It’s time for revolution in California, and pioneer Milo Stephens is the man to lead the republic into a new dawn. Tallulah Crabtree knew she could hide in this remote frontier. She has no intention of repeating a marriage to an abusive philanderer. But when rebel leader Milo bumps into her at her Blue Wing Inn, her passion for him opens up old wounds. Milo has only consorted with men since the death of his wife and child. He thinks he’s just toying idly with Corporal Reynaldo Vargas to pass the time. But Tallulah and Reynaldo have plans for the dangerously hot Milo. The man they both love is about to set a torch to the old rule. To love again requires trust and submission, and the domineering Milo stubbornly refuses to play the role of the obedient servant.

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