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Gargoyle shifter Roman is on high alert as he patrols from a Boston rooftop. When a blast of dark magic reaches him, he tracks a beautiful, mysterious woman. Is she in danger? Or is she dangerous? What he uncovers is far more shocking. Larissa knows she’s different. She’s a cop who can see things before they happen and keeps her curse a secret. She meets Roman at a club. He’s intriguing and hot. Maybe a fling is just what she needs. Until he blindsides her with the truth about her abilities. And she discovers he’s hiding dark secrets. Is he some kind of monster? When a formidable foe threatens them, can they move beyond their suspicions? If they can’t find a way to work together, the city they’ve vowed to protect could fall…

I shouldn’t be the nanny for the sexy, older billionaire… but I am. My teenage fantasies came crashing down when I learned my celebrity crush was an arrogant jerk in real life. He actually got mad when I played with his adorable 4-year-old on a flight. But there’s nothing hotter than a protective dad with a chiseled, blue-eyed-bod. When he picked me to be his nanny, I knew I had to prove myself. But being around his bulging muscles and hearing that little voice call me “Mom” made the job more difficult than I thought. Next thing I knew, I was pushed up against a wall, with my legs wrapped around him. This action-movie hero might just be the real-life hero I didn’t know I needed.

The local branch of the Scottish Women’s Institute want to use Kintyre Mansion to hold their annual fundraising ball. There’s only one problem—its owner. Duncan Stewart is a young widower, still reeling from grief two years after losing his wife, and making the town suffer while he does it. The artist doesn’t paint anymore—he’s become a bad-tempered recluse. The only person he can tolerate for any length of time is his housekeeper—whom he feels overly protective toward, in a professional sort of way…mostly. It seems his grief is coming to an end, and the only woman who interests him in the slightest is the one who’s off limits. The one who works for him. And, the one who’s very much up to something… Donna Sinclair, the mansion’s housekeeper, is well known for her three weaknesses: being a sucker for a good sob story, an injured animal and a lost soul. And there are days when her boss is all three—and it makes him a little cranky. Which is why she hasn’t told him that she’s given the Women’s Institute permission to hold their fundraising ball at the mansion. Now all she needs to do is get him out of the building for the weekend (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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