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Girls that love girls – From the daughter of a powerful and rich sultan to a newly promoted police detective investigating a murder, these stories explore the love that two women share when they fall in love with each other

Women. Nothing but trouble and pain there. I should know. They’ve done me dirty before, chasing my fortune and looks. So now? I’m not interested in what I can offer. I’m playing for what I can get. And my sexy new receptionist? She’s everything a man could want in a pair of heels. I need her. She’s a single mother with a heart of gold. Perfect for corrupting. But she’s not so easily swayed. Maybe she’s the one corrupting me and changing my ways. She’s not like the girls who came before her. She doesn’t want my money or lifestyle. She wants my heart. The question is… Am I willing to give it to her?

It’s one thing being auctioned off to a billionaire stranger, but a Vampire… Now I’m a runaway bride being hunted for sport. The next thing I know, I’m locked up. Tall, powerful, and protective, He’s my captor, And I’m bait for his revenge. I tried to escape in vain, knowing he would find and capture me again. So I lie awake at night, relishing his lingering scent. These feelings should not be blooming between us. Yet, he’s marked me as his mate. And for that, all hell will rain down on his clan. I won’t become one of them, but I can’t live without him.

I’m carrying the next-door billionaire’s baby. Three months earlier… My beautiful white Vera Wang dragged behind me. My old dirty Nike high tops soaked. I run to Mystic, Connecticut, otherwise known as Small Town, USA. It is quiet and nice, if not a little boring. And then the hot neighbor moves in. Archer Steele. Not only does he look like a superhero, but he is also named like one. A Former Navy SEAL with dark hair, a strong jawline, and amazing abs. Oh, and come to find out, he’s my boss at the bar where I started working. His beautiful green eyes have been on me since he moved in. But when my dangerous past comes knocking at my door, will Archer be there to save me… Our unborn child and I need him now more than ever.

Being turned into a Valkyrie put a crimp in a girl’s dating plans, even when the rest of the town was full of monsters. Isla Hart figured the odds of finding her happily ever after were slim when she sprouted wings…until she saved Cooper Madison’s life and couldn’t get him out of her head. Too bad he was human, and it wasn’t as though she’d ever see him again anyway. Unable to pilot planes after an accident, Cooper was in search of somewhere to figure out what came next. When he rented a cabin near where his plane had gone down, he never expected to run into the woman he thought was a figment of his imagination. Or that he’d fall head over heels in love with her. Who says monsters can’t fall in love? In Screaming Woods, anything is possible. Welcome back to the little town turned monstrous by a party potion gone wrong.

Kamila: Boys are barely a blip on my radar when I first meet my dad’s gorgeous business partner, although there’s nothing boyish about Mr. Reece—he’s all man. Or rather, monster. Seeing the sexy cyclops was the highlight of each week, even though nothing could ever come of my adolescent crush. When Mr. Reece moves on to a new venture, I’m devastated that I’ll never see him again. Then, a few years later, I discover he’s opened a college for monsters. Suddenly, my wildest fantasies seem within reach. Enrolling at Munston College for Monsters is the perfect solution. I need an education … and Mr. Reece is just the monster to give it to me. Private tutoring with my one-eyed professor? Yes, please. Reece: Ten years ago, I would’ve laughed if someone had told me that running a college is my dream. But that’s exactly what Munston College is—a safe environment for monsters to learn and be accepted for who they are. But lately, there are whispers from worried students about a threatening presence on campus. And when Kamila, my former business partner’s beautiful half-Valkyrie daughter, is attacked, the threat becomes personal. As I nurse Kamila back to health, I must figure out how to protect her and the other students (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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