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Separated by loss… reunited by duty… When Lieutenant Ambrosia “Sia” Soto returns from an investigation into a “pilot error” case aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. James McCloud, she comes face to face with NCIS Special Agent and former lover, Christophe Vargas, the man who was involved in an F-18 Fighter Jet accident that took her brother’s life six years ago. But when another incident aboard the carrier involves the death of a senator’s son whose plane crashed into the deck on a routine training mission, she’s now required to return to the carrier with Chris in tow to face a cunning and dangerous foe. Bombarded both personally and professionally, Sia must trust her instincts and suppress the feelings that surface for her enigmatic and sexy partner.

He’s ready to do business — and her assets are on the table. Mason Hill has long lusted after revenge. When his family was decimated, the one person he turned to in their hour of need offered him just one thing: the cold shoulder. But now the tables have turned. Charlotte Van Kempt will do anything to keep her family afloat — and that’s exactly what the dangerous-looking billionaire in front of her is asking. One contract, unlimited access to her body. And he’s about to play dirty. Mason’s demands are many, but bringing Charlotte to her knees comes at a cost: close proximity. As his secrets start to unravel in front of her, Mason finds himself fighting tooth and nail to see his plan through to completion. Until the contract goes up in flames.

I never would have guessed a fender-bender would lead to a hot one-night stand in a swanky, Manhattan high-rise with a gorgeous, billionaire…jerk who made me take the walk of shame back to my Brooklyn apartment. After a series of bad luck, and dating losers, you’d think a fresh start would be all I need. Well I really screwed that one up. Owen isn’t just some random silverfox, he’s my new boss –grumpy yet so damn irresistible. At work, I catch his gaze with hunger in his eyes and I can’t seem to get that wild night out of my head. So of course, I said yes when he asked me to the Annual Gala. I assume it’s his way of apologizing for being such a bosshole. But just when things couldn’t get more complicated,
imagine my surprise when I find out the real reason he asked me…

A bad-tempered billionaire should never date his best friend’s sister, not once in secret, and definitely not a second time for pretend. To Emma, I am an entitled billionaire and she won’t forgive me for leaving her. At her parent’s anniversary celebration we are reunited once more. But this time I won’t let my past issues define my future. I think I will never thaw the ice in her heart or cool the fire in her eyes. But when we get stuck in a blizzard together it gets hotter than ever. After we broke up, things weren’t the same and now I’m realizing more than ever what I lost When we get into a fake relationship to appease our families and the media It becomes a slippery slope. I don’t know where the fake ends and the relationship begins, but I won’t let her go, until I find out.

This collection from six of your favorite sweet and Christian historical romance authors includes 1200+ pages of page-turning romance, perfect for a weekend of binge reading.

HER COWBOY DEPUTY by Lacy Williams



A CHANCE TO CHANGE by Morgan Dawson


LOVE IS PATIENT by Kay P. Dawson

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Work brought them together, love kept them intertwined. A slow burn romance about finding love in unexpected places. Four years after unimaginable tragedy, Agathe Santos knows that hope is for losers and so is love. Work has become her greatest escape. CEO Luke Tindall wants a wife, a family, a love that will last. He might have hired Agathe to save his company and deal with his goofy brother, but from the very first meeting, he has desired far more than her sharp wit and tireless work ethic. If only her past wasn’t such a big secret. If only that secret wasn’t a wound she didn’t want healed. But even as Agathe can no longer deny her feelings for Luke, love is not something she thinks she deserves. Now she must brave her boldest choice yet: lose Luke forever, or lose the one thing that makes her life worth living.

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