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Grayson Maxwell never expected to be a duke. He’s happy as a second son to manage his father’s estates and wed Miss Henriette Blakely, a feisty tradesman’s daughter with a talent for designing gowns. But when the worst happens, and Grayson the spare becomes the heir to the Duke of Devonmere, new and powerful obligations shatter his plans. After all… Dukes don’t marry dressmakers. Henrietta Blakely has quite forgotten the floppy haired former love of her life. She never even thinks about Grayson Maxwell. She certainly never dreams of his touch or the way he used to look at her like she was the only woman in the world. She’s much too busy wooing the wealthiest clientele of the haute ton to her London dress shop. When she arrives at a country house party to court the fashionably-gowned guests, she runs into her past instead, and his shoulders are wider than ever, his eyes just as devouring. And he’s asking for a second chance… But dressmakers don’t flirt with future dukes. One glimpse of Henrietta and Grayson knows what he always has—he wants her back. Can he convince her to give in to her secret desires and take a second chance at love? 

Jude Collymore wasn’t a player. He played drums, but he never played games—especially with women. Which is why the broody rock star made it clear he had no interest in long-term commitments. It wasn’t his fault he had women falling all over him despite that. It was a consequence of both the rock star lifestyle and the fact he knew exactly what he was doing in the bedroom. As far as Jude was concerned, with his band and a steady stream of admirers, he had it made. But that soon changed when bandmate and best friend, Levi, received some life-changing information that could disrupt the band’s current tour. Offering his support immediately, Jude very quickly found himself tested with a connection he found impossible to ignore. Esther Milligan should never have been on his radar, and although he fought their attraction the pull toward her was strong. Add to that a stupid challenge that became a bizarre, forbidden relationship and suddenly his single, carefree status was under question and the consequences were career ending. Now, Jude has to decide where his loyalties lie and where his heart belongs… 

Ivy: Why are the last words ever spoken to our loved ones is in anger? I knew the moment I left it was a mistake, but my stubborn pride urged me forward. I’ve awakened to unimaginable horrors, pain unlike anything the human mind could conceive, until him. Now, I’m too scared to trust my own feelings, as they have only led me astray. I push his kindness away, striking out in a rage of harsh words and unwarranted anger. As this new future is revealed to me, I crumble away inside,…slowly and insidiously. How much more do I have to lose before I realize my sole chance of happiness is standing in front of me? AvX: She is like a wild animal, cornered and frightened, unwilling to accept any sort of kindness. A fiery soul trapped inside a mind littered with insecurities and heartache. I ache for a kind word or a gentle touch as my body reacts to her slightest touches. How do I convince her to put aside the pain she has endured and take a chance on the unknown,… on me? The fates put her in my path for a reason, and I will find a way to tame the fire that consumes her.

Ambitious London hotel concierge, Becca Stratton, has put her people-pleasing superpower to good use, building a career that has her on the fast-track to hospitality greatness. But her powers are put to the test when she’s called home to South Africa to step into her identical twin’s uber-glam stilettos… literally. All she has to do is masquerade as TV presenter Gem for seven days, rehabbing her sister’s celebrity image after a social media disaster. Seven days doing community service at a rustic wildlife sanctuary to save her twin’s career? Easy. Except that Becca’s powers have deserted her, and instead of repairing the damage, she’s now the one causing it…right in front of the sanctuary’s surly, smug, and far too attractive head vet, Dr Sullivan Scott, who gets a huge kick out of watching ‘Gem’ fail. As one hilarious disaster follows the next and the sparks ignite between Becca and Sully, she’s forced to choose between risking her twin’s career, or continuing to lie to the man she’s falling for.

What do you know, while looking for a job, I lucked up on a hot fox conducting interviews. She’s off-limits during work hours but maybe she can report to me after we clock out, hmmm. With my chill demeanor I watch how she’s eyeing me and just like I thought, she tries to handle me. All she needs to do is release some tension even though she acts like she’s all good. But that one evening, after work, in her office energy cannot continue being ignored. Turns out I’m different than what she expected and I benefit the business in many ways. Though I’m young, I am mature in all my dealings plus I need this job so I play the game. She consistently mentions how hard she had it to get where she is, so I realize what the stakes are. But how long do we do this song and dance? Forced to make a choice between business or pleasure, my heart and heart are confused.

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