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I’m caught between the devil and the deep blue serial killer… Well, he’s more green than blue. He’s also a lizard maniac determined to take over all of Hell. And with Taj fatally wounded, X kidnapped, and Dev so weak he’s in a coma, I’m more than caught. I’m falling apart—and so are Ark and Joseph. Eidolon won’t stop until he’s all-powerful, and he’s holding my mate as leverage to make me do his dirty work. If I don’t hand over a deadly relic, he’ll kill X. If I do, he’ll be unstoppable. There’s no way to win this violent game of cat and mouse. If I want to end him once and for all—and make sure he stays dead this time—I’ll have to risk everything. My sanity. My magic. My mates. And I’m not sure I can pay that price. Just think of cocktails on a private island when all this is over, Avie. Just think of cocktails.

When rock star Jamie Fontaine finds himself stranded in Dublin due to a snowstorm, he has no battery juice or charger for his cell phone. He has no email passwords and he can’t remember a single phone number for assistance from work. To top it all off there are no hotel rooms available in Dublin, due to the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. However, just when he’d thought all hope was gone a gorgeous girl in a bar called Daisy, gives him his lucky break. A break with contingencies that puts him to work, but not in his usually famous rock star way.

No one has ever pushed me to my limits like these four men. I’m excited when I’m given a promotion to tour manager at Club Red — until I find out I’ll be crowded into a van with four alpha-hole revue dancers, trying to keep them in line while they travel to other venues. Their bodies may be physical perfection, but the men are infuriating and frustrating, and they seem intent on pushing every one of my buttons. Colin is a cocky f-boy who thinks every woman wants him, including me. I’m determined not to feed his ego, but his wicked grin gives my body other ideas. Tall, dark, and smart-mouthed Jordan exists to torment me, ready with a clever comeback for every comment. I hate him, and I also hate how much I want him. Owen is sullen and moody, until he gets on stage and dazzles both me and every woman in the audience with his panty-soaking moves. Rough and rugged Zane and I have one night of history together, a night I’ve begged him not to mention to the others, but his mouth is apparently as big as other parts of his anatomy! They’re all so irritating that I manage to mostly overlook how hot they are … until the night we’re (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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