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Ambitious London hotel concierge, Becca Stratton, has put her people-pleasing superpower to good use, building a career that has her on the fast-track to hospitality greatness. But her powers are put to the test when she’s called home to South Africa to step into her identical twin’s uber-glam stilettos… literally. All she has to do is masquerade as TV presenter Gem for seven days, rehabbing her sister’s celebrity image after a social media disaster. Seven days doing community service at a rustic wildlife sanctuary to save her twin’s career? Easy. Except that Becca’s powers have deserted her, and instead of repairing the damage, she’s now the one causing it…right in front of the sanctuary’s surly, smug, and far too attractive head vet, Dr Sullivan Scott, who gets a huge kick out of watching ‘Gem’ fail. As one hilarious disaster follows the next and the sparks ignite between Becca and Sully, she’s forced to choose between risking her twin’s career, or continuing to lie to the man she’s falling for.

A Mafia assassin falls in love with the daughter of his target… Gina: My father has never really supported my dance career. I can’t wait to get out from under his rule and live my own life. But I’d never wish him dead. Luca: As hitman for the Italian Mafia, my next target is the District Attorney. I can use his daughter to get to him. Will she thaw my heart before I break hers?

Grumpy, growly wyverns don’t deserve true love—or do they? I’ve worked hard to accept what happened after I sipped that strange brew and turned into a wyvern. Scaly skin? It protects me from the weather. Wings? Flying’s cool. And the claws on my thumbs make it easier to craft chainsaw wood sculptures. But then Nettie, a too-adorable woman with curves that go on forever and long hair the color of the sunset, arrives on my doorstep. She insists we were married by proxy. Thanks for asking me to sign those papers, Mom. When a freakish storm hits the area, we’re stuck together trying to figure this out. Did I mention my log cabin only has one bed? My lonely heart keeps insisting I should keep her, but what woman wants to be a wyvern’s bride?

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