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When Rosie pictured her coming of age move across the country to Finley Creek, Maine, this wasn’t what she had in mind. Making friends? Check. Getting a new gig as a teacher? Check. Dead deer on the lawn and a town full of secrets? Cut the montage and rewind. She’d used everything she had and cut all ties, hoping Finley would be home. With quirky parades, a tight knit community, and an admittedly sexy Mayor North, the picturesque town fit the bill for a new start. However, the mayor’s son acts up in class, her new friends speak in a weirdly coded language, and the mayor draws a clear line between us and them. As the pressure to get her classroom in order increases, Rosie also faces growing threats from townspeople who want her out. They even threaten her life. Worse, her own secrets threaten to emerge. She’s beginning to crack under the strain, and people start asking questions Rosie hasn’t even answered for herself. Everyone in Finley Creek is keeping a secret, including Rosie. One thing is certain. Some things we just can’t run from, and the real monsters don’t always have claws.

He wants to be more than her friend… Rob Parker, aka Tank, is the unluckiest bastard alive. After losing his job and wrecking his bike, his days are filled with boredom and too many bad habits to count. He also can’t seem to get away from the woman who torments the hell out of him—and worse, she belongs to another. One moment changes Catarina’s world… Each time Catarina’s boyfriend rips her heart out, her best friend Tank is there to listen. He’s also the guy with the strongest arms to run to. When her life takes yet another nosedive, Tank can’t keep his hands off her, and she finds just how good his rough touch makes her feel. But losing her best friend isn’t an option—what would she do without him? Scarier question is…what will she do if she doesn’t act on her growing feelings?

Michael and I came from different worlds in the past, and now, we live in other worlds under the same roof. When I lost everything, my best friend rented me a spare room in a mansion he shared with his brother, Michael. Michael never allows any stranger to get close. Michael owns the house; we became enemies at once. He’s a billionaire; I just lost my house to foreclosure. He’s a Hollywood movie star; I’m a grief-stricken single mom. He’s charming; I’m invisible. I never thought I’d fall for Michael. This alpha male is so bossy. Then, he is in my bedroom, undressing me with his steely blue eyes. A one-night stand leads to our shared surrender from enemies to lovers. Until I discover I am now carrying his secret baby…

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