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Out of the darkness comes the fire… Life changed forever for Kathy Browning one fateful day in 1960. Fleeing the tragedy that haunts her, she left her hometown, seeking safety and shelter with her mother in coastal Georgia. Three years later, she’s moments away from ending the pain once and for all when she’s interrupted by family friend Charles Kelly. Thwarted, Kathy lashes out – but she finally gets the help she needs. Charles has been intrigued by Kathy ever since a chance meeting at a dinner party. There’s more to her than what she shows the world, and he wants to warm himself with the fire she keeps hidden. But until she heals from the past, he has to settle for being friends. Kathy is terrified when her affection for Charles changes into something more intimate. The last time she trusted a man, he nearly destroyed her. But she uncovers a depth of passion and love in Charles that calls to her, a wild devotion she might lose forever if she can’t find the courage to reach beyond the devastation of the past.

Falling for a ‘Silver Fox’ is one thing, but when that silver fox is your dad’s best friend… things can get very complicated. Paul Morgan chose me to be his baby’s surrogate. And my dad can never find out. But that’s not the only secret I’ve been keeping. Yes, we have this unspoken agreement to keep this surrogate thing platonic. But his kindness and this baby are forcing me to be so close to him. The sparks between us are undeniable. I try to keep this to myself, but my entire body tingles when he touches me. I can’t stop thinking about wrapping my arms around his neck to kiss him. I could blame it on the heightened hormones because when our lips touch, all of our inhibitions are released. But all I can think about now is…When my secrets come out my dad is going to flip.

A dynamic, enthralling tale of love, jealousy, rage, and the Supernatural! When Jack, who struggles with his own sexual identity, meets elegant yet incredibly mysterious Laurent Richelieu, he thinks his stroke of bad luck with men and women has ended. Or is it the beginning of a nightmare? As the two begin their courtship-Jack encounters horrifying experiences involving paranormal experiences, vampirism, and possible reincarnation, making him question his sanity. The more time Jack spends with his mysterious European love interest, the more revealed the dark secret awaiting Jack. Are they destined to be together? Does Laurent honestly care for Jack? Or is there a much more sinister plot involved with two other vampires, Stefan and Fabien? Can the help of a self-described Voodoo High Priestess named “Queen Raphaella” alter Jack’s predestined future, or is his fate already sealed?

Instinct demands I claim her—no matter the cost to her, to my species, or to my soul… Salvatore: No females of my kind remain. Humans have the closest physiology to my species, but our reproductive urges are very different. For their safety, direct contact with human women has always been strictly forbidden. When my time ends, so will countless generations of Gallo lineage. The chains in my dungeon will never have to contain another mating-frenzied beast. I will have done my part to bring a peaceful end to my species while protecting the nearby human population. That was my resolution, my life’s mission, until the day I caught her scent in the woods behind my ancestral home. She shouldn’t have been there. It wasn’t time in the lunar cycle for me to enter the frenzy. Her scent triggered my long-deprived beast. For close to a century, I’ve lived on the outskirts of Hemlock Woods, alone in Gallo Hall, successfully avoiding the town’s residents. My days of solitude are over, along with adherence to species’ law. Instinct demands I claim her—no matter the cost to her, to my species, or to my soul…

Six nights a week, I spend my time at Club Secrets. For five of them, I work that stage like it’s nobody’s business, but on the sixth night…I’m all his. That’s when the hotshot attorney, Abraham Jones, comes down from his castle in the sky to be entertained by me for one night. What happens behind those closed doors is our little secret, never to see the light of day. It’s the perfect arrangement until my world threatens to break. My drug addict mother is back and wants to take away the most important person in my life…my little brother Rick. So now I need to use our connection to press one of the city’s most powerful lawyers into helping me. He says he will with one condition: I give him more than just one night.

Lorenzo: I rarely eat the food at my upscale Italian restaurant. Vampires need blood, not pasta. I crave the hunt, but I’m not a killer. A lady-killer, yes. There’s something about the vampire in me that lures women. The only woman immune to my allure is my dearest and oldest friend, Lily. She helped me survive my transition to vampirism, despite also becoming a monster of sorts. Kind and full of life, Lily is everything I’m not. My unbeating heart wants more than friendship with the fairy, but I’m afraid to ruin our friendship. Besides, what would she want with a broody vampire? Lily: As a fairy, people rarely take me seriously. With my glow and wings, I understand why they look at me and think of Tinker Bell, not Aristotle, but the degree I’m working toward will prove them wrong. As if by some miracle, I think I may finally have a boyfriend, too. He’s not the man I really want, but my vampire friend Lorenzo is off-limits. Besides, a human boyfriend may be a better choice since every woman in town isn’t chasing him. If only my heart would accept that Lorenzo isn’t the man for me…

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