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A Mafia assassin falls in love with the daughter of his target… Gina: My father has never really supported my dance career. I can’t wait to get out from under his rule and live my own life. But I’d never wish him dead. Luca: As hitman for the Italian Mafia, my next target is the District Attorney. I can use his daughter to get to him.

He was supposed to break my bed, not my heart. Mr. Hottie-with-a-Body ghosted me a year ago, and now he’s my new boss. Still cocky. Still hot AF. Still thinks he can take whatever he wants. And he wants me to be his fake wife. He’ll get his promotion and I’ll get my debt erased. At first, he drives me crazy pushing all my buttons. But the way he stares at me gives me goosebumps, And soon his rock-hard body is all that fills my thoughts. Now, I love pretending to be husband and wife. Except we pretend a little too perfectly, Because I’m staring at a big, fat plus sign. He’s promoted, And I’m pregnant. So who’s going to tell the playboy he’s a baby daddy?

Bailey Madden has a plan. She can’t sing, or dance, but her organisational skills are going to take her right to the top of the music industry, step-by-very tiny-step. Backstage assistant for hit Irish boyband, Kin, she sees to their ridiculous demands, fends off their unwanted admirers and keeps everybody supplied with snacks—leaving no time for anything as trivial as dating. Killian Maguire can’t sleep. He’s outrageously famous, with an irresistible Irish charm that has everybody falling at his feet and his career is going from strength to strength. He can have anybody he wants, so why does he keep coming back to Bailey, when he knows it could never lead to anything more? As they step into adult life, Killian and Bailey rely on each other for the comfort that their lonely lives deny them, keeping their thin thread of a relationship alive through fleeting moments together and words on a phone. But when they both crave a deeper connexion, can the pact they made—no babies, no marriage, no love—be broken, or will it tear them apart?

Dominique “Nikki” Sloane has been my best friend since second grade. I was the Man of Honor at her wedding—despite my lack of fondness for the groom—and I’m godfather to her twin daughters. The problem? I, Aiden Carlisle, do hereby avow and affirm that I love my married best friend. That way. Not like a friend. Yes, I’m engaged—to someone else—and yes, there’s a lot of history in the way. Not to mention the secrets—his, hers, mine, ours, theirs—and my fear of trying, failing, and losing her forever. As I head home to comfort Nikki as her marriage falls apart, I’m not kidding myself, believe me. This won’t be easy. Nikki Sloane and Chris Hawthorne have been together since eighth grade. They were the “it” couple in high school, Prom Queen and King, the works. I never had a shot until now, but I know the time isn’t yet right to tell her how I feel. The question is, will the time ever be right? Can Nikki finally look past the man she’s been with for twenty years, to see the man who’s loved her longer and harder, the man desperate to give her all the love she truly deserves?

I have a lust/hate relationship with a hot billionaire vampire. Darius is a cold-hearted killer. But whenever his hand slips along my skin, he sets me on fire. Amber, come on, pull it together. There’s more at stake these days than your messed up love life and out-of-control libido. Like claiming my rightful place as the Witch Queen of an ancient coven. Growing up in a cottage has not prepared me for the court intrigue and danger that surrounds me now. To make matters worse… I’m carrying Darius’ heir to his royal kingdom. I’m caught between a vampire and a hard — oh, let me assure you, it’s a very hard — place.

Stuck in a basement with a wildly sexy girl, we’re forced to raise the heat all night long. Josh: An easy concrete pouring job turns serious when I have to fight a cold front to keep the basement warm… With Sylvie. She’s a dream come true – a delicate, innocent blonde goddess. A precious pixie of a girl who makes my heart hammer with desire. I’ve never wanted, no, needed anyone or anything as much as I need her. It’s impossible to keep my hands to myself. Even if I might ruin my business, which is hanging by a thread. Yet if it comes to Sylvie losing even more, I’ll find a way to save the dreams of my little girl. Sylvie: I’ve never felt like this. Never been touched like this. Stranded with a stranger for the night would have been awkward with anyone but Josh. He’s so sweet to make me comfortable, until our heat becomes intense. Josh is sexy, muscular perfection. He’s charming, and surprisingly creative. Yet it’s the touch of those rough, workworn hands against my skin that really drives me wild. I need more. Need everything. Just when I begin to imagine a real relationship, my horrible brother destroys it all. Now I’m about to lose everything I’ve dreamed of. Including the one man I could see myself falling in love with. 

We all know how this goes. Girl likes boy, a lot, but the boy? He’s out of her league. The realization that you’ve fallen for your best friend is, for me, pretty scary. It’s not that Reid is all the way in the stratosphere out of my league, it’s more like I want to get it together so I’m not the one who feels so inadequate. But when I take ten steps forward, I’m shoved twenty steps back and left wondering if we’d be a good match in the end. And I want the best for my friend…even if that means it’s not me. Yet the thought of him with anyone else makes me crazy and I want to run screaming into the Blue Ridge Mountains. The thing is, if I don’t get over myself I’m probably going to not only lose my best friend, but my chance at true love…

A surprise baby. An older woman. One man hoping for a second chance. When Brooks responds to a small plane crash and discovers the only survivor—an 8-month-old baby girl—his entire world flips upside down. Because it’s his name listed as father on the birth certificate. He has no memory of being with the child’s mother. Yet he can’t bear to see the innocent baby go into foster care. The new single father needs help, which Everly is more than happy to give him. Even after he ghosted her following the perfect date six months ago, she can’t stand to see him struggle with his little one. Especially when she’s been there herself, becoming a mother overnight to her three nephews and niece. She’s determined to keep things strictly platonic with the younger man, but the more time she spends with Brooks, the harder that vow becomes to keep. This might be their second chance. When tragedy rocks them again, will their love be strong enough to weather the storm?

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