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Seven steamy and exciting novellas in one set! Hot and fast short novellas, like a fevered kiss in the dark, full of passion, steam, and true medieval Highland romance! A collection of the first book in each mini-trilogy!

The Highlander’s Scarred Heart: When Sean walks into the village with a scarred face and a scarred heart, he is only hoping for a dry place to sleep. Then he meets the one woman who sees the man under the scars…and his life is changed forever. 

The Highlander’s Legacy: Highland warrior Brice Grant is fiercely loyal to his family, and when one of them is injured, he runs to the person who might help. Only he doesn’t know this same woman will steal his heart…

The Highlander’s Return: Falsely accused. Left his clan lands under a shadow. Now Conal MacKinlay has returned — but what future awaits this dark and tainted man when he gets there?

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What this rock star wants, he gets—period. And what he wants is Lily… After leaving her home and country on a mission of self discovery, Lily Parnell discovers the enigmatic Alfie Black instead. Hot rock-god-in-the-making, the man is the talk of campus, known for being charismatic, charming, insatiable, and practically irresistible. Problem is, he knows it. And Alfie doesn’t just want Lily, he craves her. Driven to distraction by his desire, his relentless pursuit disarms Lily at every turn, breaking down her walls brick by brick until finally, the out-of-her-depth exchange student lets him in. Alfie wants her completely. But sneaking around in the shadows, while passionate and intense, quickly isn’t enough for Lily. She wants him as much as he wants her, and she’s not willing to give up her dreams for his secrets. She wants more. In fact, Lily wants everything.

A runaway groom walks into a small-town bar…and everything changes. Can this secret billionaire convince his beautiful new roommate that this is more than just a temporary arrangement? Happily single Alice has her bar, her friends, and the town she loves. She doesn’t need anything else in her life. Certainly not a giant man in a tuxedo that looks at her like she’s top-shelf whiskey and he’s dying for a drink. Mr. Drool-worthy Dad Bod has ‘complicated’ written all over him. So then why does she rent him a room in her apartment so he can hide from his family? Secret Billionaire Zane wants forever, and he thought he found it. But ditching his wedding minutes before marrying a woman he doesn’t love has thrown his life into chaos. Meeting Alice is another twist in his road to finding his forever. Or maybe she’s the end.

“Do you feel desired and valued, Elana?” He let the linen material of the dress drift through his fingers. “Does Arnold treat you like he should?” A neglected young wife falls under the spell of a sadistic loan shark after taking part in his risque fantasies to pay back her husband’s debt. Tropes: western, interracial, threesome, voyeurism, blackmail, cheating, age gap, wealthy suitor

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