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Melanie Lopez: first female shifter, president of Ass Kickers Anonymous, casual run-of-the-mill possible murderer, and now, she’s officially a lone wolf on the run. After shifting for the first time, Mel attacks a member of Wolf Point Academy who just happens to be the headmaster’s son. Headmaster Jorak puts a bounty on her head, and she narrowly escapes the academy’s gates. She’s being hunted as she tries to figure out how to control her wolf, save her mom, and find tolerance for the men who try to help her. Between low budget re-enactments of Weekend at Bernie’s and furry nervous breakdowns, Mel struggles to find her dynamic with the men who left everything behind for her. Will she be able to let them in, or will she follow her motto and trust no bitch? One thing’s for certain, she’s not going to be the hunted. She’s the hunter.

They came and took us in the middle of the night—kidnapped us and locked us in an attic—me and my stepbrother Jake. They’re some kind of cult—the Worshipers of the Moon—and they say that Jake and I are the last of the Royal Weres. We’re the last two with the blood of the First Wolf and because of that, we’re their only hope. But now they want me to do things with Jake—things I know I shouldn’t do. Things that could get me in a lot of trouble nine months down the line. It’s frightening, but Jake is protective and gentle—he understands what we need to do in order to get free. The only trouble is, our plan might prove disastrous in more than one way. The cult members keep telling me that Jake is my Alpha and I am his Omega—his to claim, his to take. But when we finally get away from them, we don’t dare to tell anyone what they made us do together. For the penalty for our sins in the Were world…is death.

All I want out of life is everything. He’s a slippery, mysterious stranger who stole into my bedroom one night. Can I leave everything I know behind to follow my heart and this alien warrior? When I stepped onto the shores of Catalina, I never expected my whole would change on this vacation. Catalina Island, off the coast of California, is an island of parties, beaches, and summertime fun in 1956. But not for me. I want more than my boring life has to offer – more than party dresses, wedding plans, and people thinking I’m just a pretty blonde. One night, a mysterious, watery alien shows me how exciting Catalina can truly be. Why is my reaction to him so raw and powerful? I don’t care — I love how this sleek, underwater alien makes me feel. This stranger from another world, hiding under the bay off Avalon, shows me a new and passionate way of living. Grffn has never met another, either of his race or mine, who had such a reaction on him. I must be his mate. But when the moment comes to decide if I will stay in my pre-determined middle-class life or leave with this darkly exciting creature, how can I choose?

Silas Atwood met Phoebe Baker while she was in the middle of family drama, but that didn’t stop him from recognizing they were meant to be together. The Navy SEAL planned to seek her out the next day, but a mission made that impossible. When the hot sailor who helped her brother showed up on her doorstep a month later, Phoebe wasn’t sure what to think. His timing turned out to be impeccable because she found herself in trouble again. And this time, Silas wasn’t going to let anything or anyone stop him from claiming Phoebe.

Billionaire. Philanthropist. Playboy. And my brother’s best friend. Oh, and Carter Fields is gorgeous too, but never mind that… After his latest public mishap, Manhattan’s favorite CEO needs a place to hide until the media latches onto a new scandal. My brother offers Carter our family’s cabin for refuge without telling me—the same cabin where I was supposed to spend a relaxing week for my birthday. Instead, I’m stuck babysitting the arrogant man-child. This cabin is not big enough to contain Carter’s ego… or my sanity. All we do is argue. And right when I’m certain I’ll strangle him, he surprises me by calling a truce. Even more shocking? His kind gestures. His sweet words. His vulnerable side. That near-kiss while we’re out on a hike. I can’t stop imagining it. If he kisses the same way he wears those expensive suits—like he’s doing them a favor—then I’m in trouble. Then again, a little trouble never hurt anyone… right?

One fated jump through time destroyed Marek Young’s life… Marek Young: I have two goals–to return home, and to get Skye to love me again. But the sassy bookstore clerk no longer remembers me or the adventures we once shared. In this era, she’s no longer mine. And I have every intention of changing that before time runs out. Skye Worthington’s quest for family brings more than she bargained for… I should know better than to trust a man who is handsome, well-read, and knows exactly what to say to win over my prickly heart. Marek Young is all that and more. I should be wary. But when he hints at having connections to a past I’ve been yearning to discover, I cave…only to discover the truth is more than I bargained for…

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