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The plan was for him to be the best ride of my life, NOT my baby daddy. Don’t hook up with the cowboys. That’s rule #1 at the ranch. One glance into Todd’s sea-blue eyes, and I found myself drowning. I felt like a bad girl for breaking the rules. My head is still swirling from that toe-curling night. But that night came with an unexpected surprise. I was pregnant… with twins. Todd shattered my heart when he left the ranch before I could tell him. I felt like he ran away because he had something to hide. Seven years later, my family sent out an SOS. I wasn’t expecting Todd “Baby Daddy” Porter to show up. The ranch has enough fires to put out. But now we’re forced to work together. Until I know why he disappeared, I have to keep the twins safe. I guess we both have our secrets.

I want to move into a dream penthouse with a mind-blowing view. Oh, I get the million-dollar view–of the steaming hot neighbor. He is my boss. He has billions in the bank. And has a billion-dollar body. I can’t ignore his smirks and lick-a-lisious body, but I am here on serious business. One hot dinner with Baccarat turned into a fling. But…we are complete opposites. He’s a hardcore facts-over-feelings-damaged veteran. He swears his drive is the reason why he coasts in billions and pretty supermodels. Things start to change faster than I expect. I am drawn toward this arrogant alpha–yet attractive–billionaire’s heart. He is a total jerk, but I can’t help falling in love with him.

Anna doesn’t need a man, now if she could just get the town to believe it too. Butler hotels has always been known for its diversity! They promise investors 63% diversity across management and hiring. Keeping those numbers are Cameron Winstell job. Unfortunately, Butler Hotels is having a hiring freeze and the rumor mill says Maria Isabella Mariana Guadalupe Lopez a.k.a Anna, head of Advertising and Promotion, is taking vacation but she’s really thinking about resigning. If she does the diversity percentage will be 61%. Cameron needs time. He knows if he can talk to Anna they can come to terms. Anna is tired. She works all week, sleeps and then repeats. She loves her job but she’s wondering if it’s costing her too much. After attending a friends wedding she realizes what she really wants is a relationship. Her beloved grandmother tells her to come home to Florida. Her grandmother thinks Anna needs to think and she won’t find any good men in New York City anyway. When Anna arrives she find that her grandmother has let everyone in town know she’s looking for good man! When Cameron offers Anna a plan she counters with a fake relationship plan of her own. Cameron will be her love interest to fend off her (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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