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I’m knocked up by my Grumpy Billionaire Ex… And now he is my Boss. It took me years to climb the corporate ladder and it’s paid off. If I close this huge deal, the company will be mine. But I didn’t know the deal was with him. Richard Knight. Not my knight in shining armor. He is my sexy, stubborn ex. He shattered my heart 5 years ago. I never wanted to see him again. Now he has the fate of my future in his hands, and he knows it. Working with him is going to be hard. But the more I’m around him, past feelings start to resurface. No matter how hard I try to resist. Instead of sealing the deal, now we’re sweating up the sheets. If anyone finds out we’re sleeping together, the deal is compromised. And to top it all off, I’m pregnant…

When Rick Cassidy reluctantly agrees to spend Christmas with his family and attend his brother’s wedding, falling in love is not on his agenda. Catherine is a bored heiress who is tired of the boys who trail behind her like lost puppies. She’s ready for a real man. An older man. From the moment she sees Rick Cassidy, Catherine knows she wants him. She’s been disappointed by love before, but she’s determined that this time, things will be different. Rick knows that Catherine is young, too young for him. But all the willpower in the world can’t save him from his own desires when she turns up in his room. He tells her it’s just a one-night stand. He’s leaving in the morning, and he doesn’t do relationships. Things don’t go quite the way Rick expected when he falls for her and wants to keep her his forever. But someone else has the same idea. When Catherine’s ex-boyfriend kidnaps her, Rick is determined to save her and claim her as his own.

Silas Atwood met Phoebe Baker while she was in the middle of family drama, but that didn’t stop him from recognizing they were meant to be together. The Navy SEAL planned to seek her out the next day, but a mission made that impossible. When the hot sailor who helped her brother showed up on her doorstep a month later, Phoebe wasn’t sure what to think. His timing turned out to be impeccable because she found herself in trouble again. And this time, Silas wasn’t going to let anything or anyone stop him from claiming Phoebe.

The Dad Bods are back, and they’re Bigger, Bolder, and Burlier than ever! This April, join your favourite authors and the men packing a little somethin’ extra for their women in Dad Bod 2.0: Large And In Charge.

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