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Getting knocked up by my billionaire prick ex was a huge mistake. 10 years ago he claimed my v-card and shattered my heart. Now he’s back in town and I want to hate him. He betrayed me once and ruined my musical career before it even started. Now he’s the rock-hard rockstar who can get any woman he wants. And he’s made it clear what he wants is me and will stop at nothing to have me. My head says “hell no!” My heart screams “F— yes! But I have a secret that will turn our lives upside down… I need to tell him he’s going to be a daddy.

I’m knocked up by my Grumpy Billionaire Ex… And now he is my Boss. It took me years to climb the corporate ladder and it’s paid off. If I close this huge deal, the company will be mine. But I didn’t know the deal was with him. Richard Knight. Not my knight in shining armor. He is my sexy, stubborn ex. He shattered my heart 5 years ago. I never wanted to see him again. Now he has the fate of my future in his hands, and he knows it. Working with him is going to be hard. But the more I’m around him, past feelings start to resurface. No matter how hard I try to resist. Instead of sealing the deal, now we’re sweating up the sheets. If anyone finds out we’re sleeping together, the deal is compromised. And to top it all off, I’m pregnant…

After her bakery goes under, Willow Mills leaves New York City and returns to her hometown of Pine Valley along with her Golden Retriever, Sadie. She’s hoping for a fresh start in a familiar place. When Willow drives into the small town, old feelings emerge, especially those for her high school sweetheart, Trevor Bennett. He’ll always be the one who got away. Willow vows to focus on her second chance without any distractions, but Sadie has other plans.

Willow: I knew all about Wyatt Evans from watching the revolving door of females exiting his dorm room every weekend. He was a bad boy. And I’d kept my distance. I was too good. Too boring. Too inexperienced to ever consider dating him. Now, it was the last semester of senior year. I was interning at a local magazine. There was one position open post graduation. The competition was fierce and I wanted it. Even if it was for a sex columnist and my experience was severely limited. How limited? I was practically a virgin. So what did I have going for me? Well, I was a really great writer. And I was willing to do whatever it took to get hired. Imagine my surprise when I woke up in Wyatt’s bed. Imagine my dismay when I realized we hadn’t slept together. Imagine my shock when he offered to help me win the job. How? One week together. One 50 Item Sex Bucket List. A whole lot of fun. Somehow, I was going to break the bad boy.

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