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At almost half my age, Adelyn Baker was always meant to be mine—even if she refused to accept it. The problem is, she absolutely hates my guts. And I can’t blame her. During the three years I was her CO in the Air Force, I spent every waking moment pushing her away. I wanted to abide by military rules and remain faithful to my wife—whose infidelity knew no bounds. I never thought I’d get a second chance…until now. This time, things will be different: I’m free of my marriage and free of the Air Force. I’ve set my sights on a new target. My call sign was Striker for a reason. I am a hunter and Adelyn Baker is my prey. When I purchased the company she worked for, I expected her to try and quit—which is why I had her sign a one-year contract of employment. I wanted to trap her with me so that I could explain. I wanted her to know why I was so terrible to her all those years ago. I wanted her to know that I have wanted her for years—and I’m not letting her go now that I’ve found her again.

Can an imperfect pairing result in a perfect match? Eric Stewart can’t believe his three meddling sisters would stoop so low. Sexy, dangerous and fancy-free, Eric is about to turn forty, and his sisters think it’s high time he found a good woman and settled down. They’ve signed him up with the city’s hottest matchmaking agency, and they can’t afford it. The only way to get them a refund is to get himself rejected by every single match. Tessa McBride is working for the matchmaker, and she and Eric have a history. He humiliated her when she was a shy, trusting girl. Well, she’s not anymore. She vows to prove to Eric that she’s more than a match for his schemes–and show him what he’s been missing all these years.

When teammates Barton Lock and Evan Boswell arrive separately at Hotel Beaudelaire’s exclusive Den of Sin Winterball, neither expects the staff matchmaker to pair them with the other. Evan is minor league baseball’s biggest ladies’ man, and Bart has spent way too many nights bearing witness to Evan’s conquests. Evan came to the Den to play, but knowing Bart is the other party in his secret weekend rendezvous changes the game. Evan’s used to Bart calling the shots on the field, and wouldn’t mind so much if Bart did the same in his personal life, too. Unfortunately, Bart thinks Evan’s attempted seduction has more to do with changing his mind about retiring from their sport than hitting a relationship home run.

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