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She’s not about to let him steal anything else from her…least of all her heart… Lady Lilly Musgrave is strong, capable, and utterly unconcerned with what society thinks of her. So, when her newly inherited horse is stolen, hunting down the culprits seems only natural. Her first suspect is obviously the man who wanted the horse more than she did—an arrogant, unfairly handsome rake with an even more scandalous reputation than her own… Lord August Beresford is a great many things. But he’s most certainly not a thief. He should let her go off on her fool’s errand alone…but he can’t. So, he’ll do whatever is necessary to protect her while she’s investigating the crime. He will not, however, do anything foolish along the way…like fall for the prickly beauty… It’s not long before Lilly realizes there’s more to August than meets the eye—and she likes everything she’s seeing. Unfortunately, persuading him to trust her with his dark secrets won’t be easy. Good thing she was never one to walk away from a challenge…or love…

The new maid on my family’s estate possessed the kind of curves that could keep a man up at night. Then she turned, and I nearly dropped my fork. It was her… the damsel in distress in the corset I’d rescued weeks ago. She doesn’t remember me…but I could never forget her. The curvy beauty had become my sweet, guilty obsession. For just one night, I want to unlace her darkest secrets and satisfy the intense craving I’ve had since I first laid eyes on her. The problem is… one night will never be enough. Thea: After a waitressing gig takes a sinister turn, my new job working as a maid for one of England’s richest families seemed like a dream come true. What could be safer? Until a pair of sexy, vaguely familiar, ocean-blue eyes captivated me. The billionaire ex-SAS behind them is my new boss, and nothing could be more dangerous. I should have run…but he stole a forbidden kiss that ignited a sizzling desire between us. Now I’m living out my wildest fantasies. But when dark secrets threaten to rip us apart, can I survive this wild ride?

I needed a job, but what I got was an irresistibly hot grumpy alpha-hole billionaire. My flirting always gets me in trouble. Sharing a hotel room to keep me safe was an accident waiting to happen. His seductive charm and that baritone voice give me chills up and down my spine. There’s no turning back when our bodies touch and our eyes lock. But he keeps pushing me away. I see the fear in his eyes. He must be afraid of losing his buddy, my brother. Now someone is threatening to expose our secret to ruin his company and us. He must stand up to the lies and be the strong masculine protector I know him to be. Because we need him … me and our baby. I am afraid to lose him and he isn’t even mine, yet.

This Hollywood Witch isn’t the betting kind. Until she gets dealt Big Slick. Sukie Francis was happily tending her herb and flower gardens with her ancient pug dog, Assassin, by her side. Until the most powerful mobster in Hollywood, Evander ‘Big Slick’ Bliss crash lands at her door. Disruptive doesn’t begin to cover his magnetic attractiveness…which Sukie is determined to resist. The code of her sisters in magic dictates helping a wounded stranger, not hopping into bed with him. Especially not with this dangerous and possessive wild card of a man. So, it’s downright inconvenient when Evander decides he’s had enough of the objections and steals Sukie away to keep as his favorite toy. Little does he know he’s met his match in Sukie’s sparkling hazel eyes…and iron will. When the last card is played in the game of hearts, which hand will win?

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