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Hollywood’s best matchmaker may have finally met her match. Genevieve “Eve” Davis is Hollywood’s best, most sought-after matchmaker. Just about everyone in the City of Angels owes her for their happily ever afters. She’s been in the business for ten years and has never made a false move. The only person she hasn’t been able to hit with Cupid’s arrow? Herself. Then Jemma, Hollywood’s most recent “it” girl, appears on her doorstep. But rather than having an extra bounce in her step, she looks like a dog just crapped all over her brand-new designer boots. The date Eve set up for her was anything but a fairytale beginning. In fact, it was a downright disaster. The first bad review Eve has ever had. If she can’t fix this, her perfect reputation will be torn to shreds. Even worse, the deeper she digs for that secret ingredient that will help her find Jemma’s perfect match, the harder she falls.

She was the girl he never forgot. Now, Dr. Rowena Shaw stands accused of murder and terrorism. Sloan Madison knows his childhood friend is innocent, and he’ll go all the way to the island of Maui to prove it. But he didn’t realize that helping Rowena Shaw would put a target on his back, too, not to mention his heart. With attraction and danger mounting, will Sloan and Rowena live long enough to claim their happily-ever-after?

What happens when an alluring untouched maid falls for the charms of her enigmatic playboy boss? Twenty-one-year-old Fiona comes to Clear Creek County for a better life and to support her family. Her family warned her not to fall for the silver tongue of white men but that goes out the window when Fiona meets her rich playboy boss 34-year-old Charlie Bernstein. His clever way with words and unabashed flirtation melts her instantly while Charlie finds Fiona’s courage and perseverance breathtaking. Soon, Charlie has charmed his way into Fiona’s heart, taking her on a thrill ride of passion she never knew existed. But just when she’s ready to break from her convictions and jump all in with the rich womanizer, Fiona learns trusting Charlie might’ve been the biggest mistake of her life.

Maintaining fears about themselves may force a hold on their true love. Lord Jeremy Cunningham, future Duke of Pembrook, easily plays the role of rakehell of the ton. Behind the scenes, he is a deeply feeling man afraid to turn into his father. As a result of his father’s lifelong cruelty, he has hidden who he really is from everyone – including himself. Lady Ophelia Shaw speaks her mind with wit and confidence. She loves her family fiercely. Now that her older sister has married a Duke, she has been saddled with a considerable dowry. Regardless, she has no desire to marry a silly toff of the ton. Ophelia’s greatest fear is to depend on anyone and to lose the closeness she shares with her sisters. Jeremy and Ophelia fight incessantly with each other despite the obvious attraction developing between them. They form a bond over their belief in eradicating the slave trade from England, and something deeper begins to grow. Their pursuit of rooting out corruption will force them to hold onto their fears or finally declare the love that binds them.

Roadkill feels just like his name when he gets a glimpse at the battered, bruised face in front of him. She’s the one who got away–but never again. She was meant to be his–always. Arrogant isn’t just a word. It is who he is. It is what ruined them. Their storm isn’t easy to navigate. It is full of pain and heartache. Their worlds had already collided and separated, but what once was can be again, can’t it? My storm almost killed me… Roadkill. He’s exactly as I remembered, except better. In the end, I wonder if he’s saving me or if I’m saving myself.

A bubbly city girl. A grumpy country boy. A weekend that will change their lives forever. Skylar Martin is more than happy to flee the city, leaving her past and failed engagement behind her. Off on a new adventure in Logan Creek to plan a wedding for an old friend, she hopes to do just that. What she didn’t expect was encountering a grumpy bear of a mountain man on her stop for coffee. He riled her up, turned her on, and drove her crazier than any man ever had before, just on that one stop. Dyllan Thompson had his life planned out. Be the Mayor of his hometown Logan Creek for as long as he could, and then figure out a way to live a quiet life that is free of responsibilities to other people. After seeing how having a family could cause so much heartbreak, he swore he’d never put himself or anyone else through that. Unfortunately, Skylar and Dyllan had to grin and bear their discontent towards each other on a trip to Vegas for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Not only did they wake up in the same bed together, but also with rings on very important fingers. Refusing to divorce, will their rings be enough to hold them together, or is not everyone meant to have a happily ever after?

Meet Ben, an average teenager whose world is turned upside down when he wakes up in a Los Angeles hospital with amnesia. Soon, he discovers that he’s anything but ordinary – he’s in the middle of a perilous situation with shadowy figures on his trail and a girl with PSI superpowers seeking his help. With determination as his only weapon, Ben teams up with new allies and embarks on a mind-bending interdimensional quest to uncover the truth about his past and unravel a cosmic conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of reality. Can Ben uncover the truth and save the world?

The new maid on my family’s estate possessed the kind of curves that could keep a man up at night. Then she turned, and I nearly dropped my fork. It was her… the damsel in distress in the corset I’d rescued weeks ago. She doesn’t remember me…but I could never forget her. The curvy beauty had become my sweet, guilty obsession. For just one night, I want to unlace her darkest secrets and satisfy the intense craving I’ve had since I first laid eyes on her. The problem is…one night will never be enough. Thea: After a waitressing gig takes a sinister turn, my new job working as a maid for one of England’s richest families seemed like a dream come true. What could be safer? Until a pair of sexy, vaguely familiar, ocean-blue eyes captivated me. The billionaire ex-SAS behind them is my new boss, and nothing could be more dangerous. I should have run…but he stole a forbidden kiss that ignited a sizzling desire between us. Now I’m living out my wildest fantasies. But when dark secrets threaten to rip us apart, can I survive this wild ride?

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