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Ian: Being stuck in the friend-zone sucked. I was done. Blake had been single long enough, and if I didn’t make a move, she’d get together with the wrong man again. Because the right one was me. Luck was definitely on my side. An online dating site paired us up. It was an opportunity to show her the side of me she didn’t know. The side who wasn’t interested in a fling with half the women in town. The side who wanted something serious and lasting. With her. I thought about confessing. Telling her that I was the guy she was sharing her secrets with. But keeping my online identity a secret meant she talked to me. Really talked to me. It was worth the risk. Blake was worth any risk. Blake: Getting dumped sucked. Getting dumped because he thought I was in love with my best friend’s older brother was ludicrous. I did not have a thing for Ian. Yeah, we shared a hotel room when we went to Hawaii, but nothing happened. I mean, I walked in on him right after he got out of the shower. Water running down his chest. Hair slicked back from his face. That stormy look in his eyes. And the rock, hard… Ahem, anyway. No, I did not have a thing for him. We were friends. That was it. No one needed to know I still dreamed about what would have happened if I’d closed that door with me on the inside instead of the outside. It was never going to happen. Ever. 

He yearns for family. She’s desperate to escape hers. When the stagecoach delivers his wife-to-be, will he win her wounded heart? Mathew Jenkins feels isolated on his remote, rural ranch. Though he longs for a family, women in mining country are scarcer than gold nuggets. So he’s delighted by the dapper response to his mail-order bride ad from a comely Virginian lady. Jenny Phillips’ good name was ruined by her father’s stupidity. Forced into hiding with her ma, she’s desperate to put her pa’s stained reputation behind. But when her domineering uncle tries to sell her to the highest bidder, she flees by answering a lonely Montana man’s classified… Upon meeting the Virginia rose, Mathew falls hard and offers to help her get settled. And though Jenny finds herself attracted to the kindhearted cattle farmer, she fears a marriage amid deadly conflict between miners and natives could spoil their chance at happiness. Can the couple survive a bumpy trail to love and begin a new life together?

Werewolves are anything but a fairytale for Melanie Lopez. Men with wolves in them are as vicious and rabid as they come, for only wild animals can truly tame their beasts. Women who carry wolves get ripped up from the inside out, unable to shift and sentenced to a painful death. Mel’s mother is on her deathbed, fighting back her wolf as it tries to claim her. The same thing will happen to Mel. She can already feel her wolf getting stronger. So she sets out on the hunt for a miracle cure, plus a bonus—the head of her mother’s rapist. He told her to send his son to the Wolf Point Academy. Here, men—and only men—learn to control their wolves. Women are never welcome. Until Mel forces her way in. The customs are barbaric, the men even more so, and the treatment is hellish. The clock is ticking for her dying mother, but so is Mel’s anger. These men are set on taming her. If that fails, they’ll kill her without hesitation. Most of them are rich, muscular, brooding men with feral wolves prowling inside of them. Quite frankly, they’re all assholes. Not to mention the only slightly trustworthy professor, Dr. Aspens. Every girl’s dream if she has daddy issues. These men could be her and her mother’s salvation… or her doom at this Academy. Besides, Mel doesn’t have time for love or lust. This lone wolf is on the attack and nothing will get in her way.

There are two lines on the pregnancy test and more hunky potential daddies than a girl can shake a pregnancy test stick at… Coworkers Jasmine and Roni have been friends forever. So when Roni tells Jasmine she’s pregnant, it comes as quite a shock – especially when Roni tells her she isn’t exactly sure who the baby daddy is. Is he their married coworker, the one she’s been banging in the boss’s office during lunch? Or the model-handsome waiter at her favorite restaurant? Maybe the male couple she had a ménage with? To make matters worse, Jasmine has a huge, steamy crush on their unattainable, hot billionaire playboy boss. Thanks to Roni’s outlandish pregnancy-induced cravings, Christian is now aware of her condition – and he’s not happy. Irritated by Roni’s theatrics, he’s suddenly everywhere Jasmine is, and her resistance to his charms is growing weaker by the minute.

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