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I knew he was trouble the first time I set my eyes on the grumpy lawyer staring at me across the courtroom. I’ve dedicated my life to becoming one of the most successful prosecutors in Hollywood. I’m smart, determined, and don’t back down from a challenge. But when I face off against the charming and cunning defense attorney, Paul Riley, in a high-profile case, I realize that the stakes are higher than ever. Paul is a smooth-talking, devilishly handsome single dad that leaves me feeling dizzy. I know I shouldn’t want him; he is totally off limits, but I can’t help it. I can’t stand working with him. his arrogance boils my blood, but I can’t stop letting him kiss me. But no one can find out about our secret. The risk of being together is high, but the reward could be even higher. Will we surrender to our desires and risk everything we’ve worked for, or will our rivalry keep us apart forever..

Maintaining fears about themselves may force a hold on their true love. Lord Jeremy Cunningham, future Duke of Pembrook, easily plays the role of rakehell of the ton. Behind the scenes, he is a deeply feeling man afraid to turn into his father. As a result of his father’s lifelong cruelty, he has hidden who he really is from everyone – including himself. Lady Ophelia Shaw speaks her mind with wit and confidence. She loves her family fiercely. Now that her older sister has married a Duke, she has been saddled with a considerable dowry. Regardless, she has no desire to marry a silly toff of the ton. Ophelia’s greatest fear is to depend on anyone and to lose the closeness she shares with her sisters. Jeremy and Ophelia fight incessantly with each other despite the obvious attraction developing between them. They form a bond over their belief in eradicating the slave trade from England, and something deeper begins to grow. Their pursuit of rooting out corruption will force them to hold onto their fears or finally declare the love that binds them.

The last time I saw my baby daddy, we were in the backseat of a limo at his brother’s wedding. Making magic—or a kiddo. No judging. There was a lot of liquor involved and the man is a god. He passed out before I could tell him my name, but payback is hell. I stole his pants for good measure. I’m sure he enjoyed that. It was supposed to be one night of fun. Just one night of being the crazy, free girl I was before I took over my dad’s company. And it was that. Until I saw those two lines pop up on an innocuous-looking stick. No way I could tell him. Fast forward a year, and he walks into my father’s company as my new construction partner. His wicked smile has me swooning. I’m ready for love, but he’s still the same playboy bachelor he’s always been. Of all the men in the world to have to work beside day after day, how did I end up with him? I love him. I hate him. I love that I hate him. Any way you look at it, my luck blows. And all I can think about is our one night. You’ve got to be kidding me. 

Lawson: I love my job and my crew. The owners of J&J Construction put a lot of trust in me, and I strive to give my job everything I have. I pride myself on my calm façade on the job and off, even if I am a man of few words. That flies out the window when Madison comes onto my job site to complain about the noise. I can almost see the steam coming out of her ears, but she’s not the client and I have a job to do. She gets under my skin and with one look I know why. I might not be able to do anything about how loud it can get, but I can find a way to make it up to her if she’ll let me. Madison and her sassy attitude are mine and I’m not letting her go. I know she watches me, and it only fuels the fire within me to claim her. I’ll soothe her annoyance and make her forget about anything other than building a future with me. Madison: The racket from next door is going to drive me up the wall. I’ve confronted the foreman, Lawson, about the issue and it didn’t go very well. I can’t concentrate on my work and it’s not just the noise that’s the problem. My thoughts are invaded by a certain foreman with a dad bod so cuddlable that it makes me want to beg him to let me snuggle with him. It’s too bad I made a horrible first impression and now can only watch from my window even when I tell myself I won’t do it anymore. When he catches me checking him out, is he going to make fun of me and continue to hold my bad attitude against me? It wasn’t my finest hour; I’ll be the first one to admit it. When he asks me out, I wonder if he’s trying to teach me a lesson or if he’s for real. I could see a future with him, wrapped up in his beefy arms. Can he see a future with me or am I just a harpy with no manners? 

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