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Crow, son of the former president of the Devil’s Murder MC, is determined to avenge his father’s death and repair the broken club left behind. He’s returned home to take his place as president and hunt down those responsible for Rook’s murder. Stopping at a bar on the way back to reclaim his position in the club, he encounters a pretty redhead in a whole heap of trouble. Crow can’t resist helping out a woman in need, and his protective instincts kick in. Bella’s searching for her missing sister and desperate for help, even if that means getting close to a dangerous biker. For reasons Crow can’t quite figure out, she makes him want more than life as an outlaw. Bella insists he’s the only hope for finding her sister, and time is running out. The feisty redhead isn’t backing down. Neither are Crow’s enemies. Nobody threatens the DMMC. His club protects their own. There’s a reason they’re called a murder, and their bikes ride on the dark wings of circling crows. It’s an omen of impending death. No enemy can outrun the Devil’s Murder.

Getting hired as a high school principal in her hometown is her biggest dream come true, except for one small detail — her ex runs the security team. During her teen years, Hope Remington was the darling of Heart Lake, and Josh Hawling was…well, bad news on the rough side of town. And now she’s returning as head principal to unite their two rival high schools under one roof. She soon realizes that her biggest challenge isn’t the gangs embedded in the student body. It’s Josh, who’s somehow convinced their aging superintendent that he and his security firm partner can keep the campus safe while coaching a bunch of farm boys into a football team that’ll make the playoffs. Hope wonders how she’s supposed to improve test scores and graduation rates when her students’ biggest idol is a man who spent more time in the principal’s office than in the classroom. Even though she feels safer having Josh on their crime-ridden campus, she’s not looking forward to her daily encounters with the cocky head of security. Or being socked in the heart all over again by his devastating smile. Or having to finally face her unwanted attraction to him that might have kindled into a lot more if she’d never left Texas in the first place. 

Death was just the beginning. I have suddenly found myself in a strange new realm. A realm in which all I know is death. Where the life I led before is nothing but a shadow haunting the peripheries of my mind. It calls to me, begs me to remember what happened… But the more I try to recall, the less I seem to remember, and the more terrifying this cruel new world becomes. I am an enigma, not only to myself, but everyone around me. A soul lost in a world of darkness that wants nothing more than to devour me. To claim me as its own before I have a chance to escape. Before I have a chance to remember who I am… And how I came to be here. Before I remember, him. But even then, the Underworld has no intention of letting me go. Not unless I can win them to my side.

I hated everything about the arrogant bodyguard. But when he saved me, it changed everything. Christian Wade is the Alpha-hole bodyguard working for my client. He’s fifteen years older, an ex-SEAL, and annoyingly sexy. But he scolds me like I’m a naughty child, and I’m not here to be controlled. So I ignore his warnings and end up a lion’s den of trouble I didn’t expect. But it was worth it. One feel of his rippling chest, and I’d throw myself into danger again, just to have him come to my rescue. Our chemistry is so hot, it should come with a caution sign. But our relationship is beyond off-limits. If anyone finds out, I’ll lose my job. Even worse, Christian leaves town in a month. He might be my protector, but I have to protect my heart.

From the second her delicate body thumped into my chest, I knew Lily was mine. It’s the deepest feeling I’ve ever had. Every detail of my gorgeous, sweet girl is precious. Perfect. Yet she’s sensitive about certain things, and doesn’t trust that we’re already together. She just moved south with her two sisters to escape the cold. I don’t know if she’s ready for the kind of heat that instantly overtakes us. I’ll find a way to prove I’m worth getting through her fears. That just because I’m much older doesn’t mean I want to control my lovely young girl. That my possession will be the best thing for both of us.

Her lover has a dangerous secret that will change everything in this unexpected, explosive romance. In this erotically charged masseuse romance novel, parlor owner Jay needs a security system installed—especially since her ex, Kyle, can’t seem to let her go. When security system owner Reed arrives, Jay wants so much more than protective equipment from him, and the feeling is mutual. But just as things get hot and heavy between them, Reed leaves town for stretches at a time with no explanation. What, exactly, is her new boyfriend with a mysterious job hiding? When things spiral and Jay’s life is put at risk, all secrets are revealed. But can she forgive and forget what Reed has kept from her? Or is the truth of their love no match for the lies?

It’s now or never… Disappointed in love and suffering following another harsh break up – Alice Goldsworth is on a pursuit to find love; however, the universe has other plans… Enter – LOCKDOWN. Entwine yourself in the highs and lows of Alice’s very ‘real’ pursuit of love amidst a global pandemic and fall in love with her true grit and determination, as she overcomes many obstacles along the way to finding her ‘one true love’. Will the ‘miracle’ vaccine ever be made? Will life return to ‘normal’? Will Alice find love in the pandemic when she least expects it?

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