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Never again will I be that little girl who dreamed of a pack to sweep her off her feet… I’m the omega who killed my alpha. The day I found my mates, I thought I’d found my home at last. Instead, I was kept from them and left to suffer. For months I clung to scraps of information, and I fell in love with each of them… Angel, Kai, Caspian and Bane. But when my worst nightmare came, I faced it alone. Found beside my alphas body, my pack has claimed me at last. But they’re too late. Now I’m trapped in their home with them. My mates. But there’s no happily ever after, because it won’t matter to them if I had a choice or not. The man I killed was their pack brother, and they hate me for what I’ve done. And it’s up to these four men to decide my fate…

Violet: Human Exchange Trade, HET, was my ticket off Earth.Leaving the planet to get away was probably an over correction and impulsive, but I needed a change. And what bigger change was there than to hop on a shuttle to a large spaceship that would take me to an alien host on the planet ASunGor for a year. I get to learn a new culture, fool around with a few hot aliens, and come back to Earth with a better perspective on my life. At least, that’s what I thought, before I rushed the whole thing, and my host wasn’t there to pick me up. Another exchange girl named Evie was heading to the planet Necias Prime looking terrified, and I had time to kill, so what harm was there in taking a detour to make sure she was okay? I mean, my reasons had nothing to do with the sexy alien that had come to escort her. Commander Roe-el: I was reluctant to leave Princess Klemon’s protection when she told me to escort a human to my home planet for a mating experiment, but in my haste to return to her side, I left without asking the name of the human. When I got to the station… there were two of them waiting, and one of them was making me regret not having tasted a female in years. Her scent did things to me, and I found myself going into rut when it was my job as commander to protect the humans, not screw them. Humans were much too fragile for a necia warrior, but the fire in her eyes made me question my priorities, and I couldn’t say no when she boarded my ship. Everything inside of me needed to claim her, but she needed to say, yes, first.

Not all male strippers are the same. Eric despised his manager’s seedy approach to stripping but he guessed it was better than no job at all. How wrong he was. With no job, no restrictions and no girlfriend – thanks to finding her on her knees in front of someone else; Eric finally pursues his dream of setting up his own stripper troupe which would be all about the tease rather than the sleaze. With nothing left to lose, Eric throws himself into creating the Naked Nights. It wasn’t always fun, and it definitely wasn’t easy but somehow he made it happen.

When a tomboy butts heads with Prince Charming, will things get too hot to handle in the kitchen? The Tacontento Grill started as just a small, hole-in-the-wall taco joint with delicious food. But after we’re featured on a popular food show, business starts to boom. It’s almost more than I can handle. That’s when Noah Bradford rides in on his white horse. He’s a restaurant investor with good taste and even better buns. But while he may look like Prince Charming, I’m no swooning Cinderella. Can I stop being one of the boys long enough to let him treat me like the princess he says I am?

Tall, dark, and gorgeous with cobalt-blue eyes. It doesn’t hurt that he’s the billionaire owner of the resort we’re staying at. And all of it is just what I needed for my celebration weekend after graduating with my master’s. It’s our last girls’ weekend before my friends and I go our separate ways, and it’s going to happen with a bang. Literally. Hopefully. It would be a first. The desire was to keep things casual, but our connection is far too deep for that. Him being ex-military and me being an Army brat. The rules we each set up are shattered thanks to the raging passion between us. But eventually, I have to go home. What I never expected in a million years was that he might follow me. Enough swimming in the shallow end of the pool. We’re diving in deep.

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