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As a cop and a dad, Ric has his hands full trying to balance work and his daughter. Darby’s neighbor is a cop, an arrestingly hot single dad cop, but this artist is the one saving the day for Ric and his daughter when they meet. And she can’t help but notice how fine he looks in his uniform. And wonder if he’d look as good out of it… Darby and Ric keep their hands to themselves at first, because of this temporary babysitting agreement. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t wondered what he looks like out of his uniform. Or that Ric can’t tear his eyes from her curves that drive him crazy. This cop with his chiseled chest, bulging biceps, and blazing green eyes makes Darby’s breath come faster. His protective nature and strong hands make her skin sizzle. Ric might be too busy full raising the most precocious budding artist Darby has ever met to believe he doesn’t have time for love… But one kiss from Darby and Ric drops all his defenses. Ric’s not alone in his hesitation for anything more — Darby’s not exactly the most stable and her history makes her nervous around kids. They might think that they each have too much baggage, but everyone, include Ric’s clever little girl, can see there’s more blooming between them. How can they come together when each of them have only ever known loneliness?

I’m helping a gorgeous runaway girl… by sharing my cabin, and my bed. Jarrett: For years I wanted peace. Isolation. Now all I want is Gemma, a sexy little goddess who desperately needs someone to care for her. Sweet, smart, funny… Gemma’s innocence arouses me to the point of total obsession. I’ll do more than care for her. I’ll worship this breathtaking girl until she’ll never want to leave. She’s already mine. And now that I feel complete, I’m never letting her go. Gemma: I couldn’t stand Dad’s overbearing control one second longer, so I took off. With no money, no plan, no hope. Until Jarrett found me and took me to his secret cabin. One room where we’re constantly together. Our heat is instant, intense, and my sexual awakening seems to ground Jarrett, calming his nerves. Just when I begin to imagine a real life with this handsome former soldier, I realize I need to make a terrible choice. My freedom or Jarrett’s career. I can’t ruin his dreams just because mine never had a chance.

Jasmine: I just graduated from the nursing degree I always wanted to do and can’t wait to travel the world when the sexiest man I’ve ever seen moves next door. The moment Hunter Wilson meets me, he proposes. I’m certain the psychological thriller author is a madman – he’s way older than me and I’m not getting hitched at twenty-two. But when I’m hurt and need help, I discover what a caring man he is. It becomes increasingly harder to resist him and I begin to question the path I set for my life.

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