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“Never get involved with a client.” Hell, Israel Jonas never gets involved with anyone. For years, his wolf was too wild and broken to handle emotional connections. But now that his blood brother has found his true mate, Israel is cut adrift. Taking a fluff security gig as a personal bodyguard to a country singer seems like easy money—even if she is a spoiled diva. Ashley Silver, the “Silver Star,” is finally on the brink of the glittering success she’s always dreamed of. And after escaping her paranoid, dominating shifter family, the last thing she wants is a hairy Neanderthal bodyguard cramping her style. But now she’s been targeted by a celebrity stalker—and unless she has 24/7 protection, her family is going to pull the plug on her tour—and her career. Israel starts out protecting Ashley from the stalker, but he soon discovers that her own people may be the most dangerous threat she faces. And that he’s willing to risk everything to keep from losing her…

She’s reckless and damaged. He’s the only decent thing in her life. A deadly arson attack. Who’ll be next? Cat is called back to Stargazer Ranch by a hard-to-refuse job offer, but the first person she comes across is the very last person she wants to see. Levi rues the day he ever met Cat. She was the girl of his dreams who abandoned him six months ago. Now she’s back. On the day of Cat’s return, a luxury cabin is set on fire and Cat becomes suspect number one. Levi knows he can’t trust her; but then his head never did agree with his heart. One thing he does know, however, is that Cat is no arsonist, and against his better instincts he becomes a friend and champion in her time of need. Surely, he can’t be falling for her again, can he? Then Cat is caught in a wildfire and she knows there’s a killer stalking her. As the flames race up the mountain, time is running out for Levi as he tries desperately to save the woman who means everything.

Mine to touch. Mine to tease. Mine to torment. I thrive on being the best, obliterating anyone that gets in my way. And that includes figuring out how to ruin the life of the man who did his best to ruin mine. After years spent trying to plan the perfect revenge, an unexpected interview with a Park Lane Princess gives me exactly what I need. Her. Mia Hamilton. His stepdaughter, An Instagram sensation on the cusp of stardom. My target. If I have my way, by the time I’m finished, she’ll be broken, and he’ll be fighting to pick up the pieces left in my wake. Will she run, as she should, or is our connection stronger than I want to believe?

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