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Once upon a time in Withernsea, Shelley Linley opened a dating agency, and a vampire applied… He wanted a wife. Soon, Shelley was uncovering Withernsea’s supernatural secrets and getting into all kinds of trouble. But despite the strange turn her life had taken, one thing remained – human or supe, they all wanted love. Read the first three stories in the Supernatural Dating Agency series: The Vampire wants a Wife; A Devil of a Date; and Hate, Date, or Mate? Now in one handy volume. Grab a hot drink (or an o-neg) and enjoy.

A brighter future for the governesses and companions in search of their happy ever afters. A six book sweet romance series! Governesses and companions occupy a unique place in Regency family life. Not a servant, yet neither are they part of the family. There weren’t many jobs for gently bred young ladies and for those without means, becoming a governess or companion was the only option. This situation can be quite lonely. The stories in this series will tell the tales of ladies on their own working as governesses and companions and their happy ever afters.

More than a Companion – Miss Honora Gregory is sent to London to be her aunt’s companion, but she struggles with disappointment and loneliness. When her aunt gives her one evening to find a gentleman to court her, Honora knows to avoid the arrogant and selfish Lord Crampton. However, when trouble arises, Honora finds herself by Lord Crampton’s side. Will she help him, and will he see her as more than just a companion?

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Alexa is just your average college junior, attending classes and piloting Mile High Club charter flights. Boys haven’t been on her radar for a couple years after a disastrous breakup with her high school sweetheart. Her plans to focus on school hit a bit of a snag when she meets bad-boy Drake Bennett and he sets his sights on making her his own. Drake transferred to Blythe College for the rugby team, not for a new assortment of college girls. He’s sexy and cocky, and he attracts women like moths to a flame. When he meets Alexa, Drake knows he’s met his match. She tries to resist him, but Drake isn’t used to taking no for an answer.

A dad bod kingpin, a woman on the run, and the beginnings of an obsession… From the moment I saw her, I knew she was mine. Mine to protect, to provide for… mine to keep. I’ve made my name in this city and built a reputation to be feared. She’s alone and afraid, running from someone. From one monster’s arms, into another. The difference with me is that I don’t intend to let her go. This is my city, and no one touches what’s mine. And now, that includes her.

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