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The Old Royce Estate being haunted and cursed was supposed to be just a spooky ghost story–until Lottie stumbles across three desiccated vampires and accidentally disturbs their slumber. To thank her, they attack her and suck her dry. In a desperate attempt to save her life, her witch friend, Ava, links their lives together–if they kill her, it kills them. But to save her life, she must drink their blood and become bound to them. Without doses of their blood, she will wither and die. Ava binds the vampires to the estate in an attempt to save the town and her friend from their bloodlust, but Lottie gets trapped with them, and they’re starving. It’s a race against time and instinct to break the spells trapping them together before the vampires succumb to their nature and turn on Lottie. Trapped with three vampires, a surly familiar of a cat, and the vengeful ghost of Old Royce Estate, will Lottie survive or worse, will she become just as monstrous as the beasts she’s trapped with?

Heath: She was supposed to be my wife. But betrayal severed ties. Now she shows up begging for sanctuary from the Russian mafia after her. I want to slam the door in her face. Until I look into those eyes I knew so well in our younger days. When we were promised to each other. Serenity: Heath Connolly. Son of a mafia kingpin. Rumored to be the most dangerous of the Connolly triplets. I believed I’d call him husband. That all changed. He’s the only one who can keep me alive. But I see in his eyes he doesn’t care. I’ll do anything if he’ll help me—even be his little toy. My life is in his hands, and it turns out my pleasure is too. But these twisted nights aren’t helping me face reality—that my life is really over. Unless Heath chooses to save me…but will he do more than that?

Winter: I was at a restaurant, having the worse date of my life, when my ex appeared with his hot new girl. Desperate not to be seen, I did what any other woman would do—I went to the ladies room and jumped out the window. On my way down, I realize this might be a bad idea… Wyatt: I was seconds away from arresting a drug dealer; when I spot some crazy lady crawling out of a bathroom window and right into the dumpster! The dealer sees her too. He starts shooting. I push her out of the way as bullets fly overhead. Pissed that the suspect fled, I handcuff her. She’s furious and calls me all kinds of names. I’m mad too; mad because I can’t stop thinking about her eyes. And the only thing that scares me is the thought of never seeing her again…

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