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I’m limping home at night, barefoot with a busted ankle. Then a white knight sweeps me off my feet. He’s burly and bearded, and sweeter than sugar. Nearly twice my age, too. No one understands why I’m so obsessed with the campus security guard, but they don’t see it. They don’t see him. Well, it’s their loss–because I know he’s the perfect man. I don’t care if my mom wants me to date some rich jerk. My heart’s already spoken for. Now I just need to convince him I mean it. Buckle up, mister. You’re all I want in the whole world.

This Snow White is no damsel in distress. He’s a dragon shifter on the run from the foster mother who wants him dead. Jack has three unbreakable rules of survival: One, never reveal his full dragon form. Two, steer clear of magic users at all costs. Three, always trust his instinct for trouble. And there’s no doubt a princess accused of cursing her own family is exactly the kind of trouble he should avoid. Despite Jack’s intention to keep Kynara at arm’s length, though, her intriguing mix of vulnerability and stubborn determination draws him like no one else ever has. A fugitive from her own people, exhausted and alone for the first time in her life, Kyn is running out of options. Asking for aid from a band of shady treasure hunters is a risk, but she has nothing left to lose. To save her family and her kingdom, she’ll take any help she can get. Even from handsome, irritating Jack who despises her magic yet throws himself into danger to defend her. With the evil Grey Enchantress tightening her grip on the kingdom of Ardell, Jack and Kyn may have to sacrifice everything to stop her.

I’m the seventh sister of the most legendary coven in history. All the seven of us have gifts. Super special, supernatural gifts. Mine is the worst. I’m Marnie Morales and while my sisters can do all kinds of things, I can recognize my soulmate. That’s it. No telekinesis. No premonitions or anything useful. Nope. All I’ve got are glimpses of my soulmate and because nothing is easy my soulmate is… Well, nineteen years older, the CEO of the biggest PR company in the country and totally out of my league. And god, the man is difficult! But I know we were meant to be together even if a curvy little baker isn’t anything like he imagined for himself. Fate is a funny little thing, you see. You can’t fight it. Grayson is mine and I’m about to let him know.

The aliens who stole me made a mistake. The Grivath have sold us on Gule- a planet where hope goes to die. The women who are imprisoned with me are in high demand and they all look like models. Me? I’m 5’2 shy, curvy, and a kindergarten teacher. Maybe they really meant to take my pageant queen sister? If that’s not bad enough, our ship has crashed and half of the women are missing. Did I mention the locals want to eat us? Insert the tall, incredibly-built warrior aliens, who saved us. Things are looking up, except that one of them is eyeing me like a snack, and not in a cannibalistic way– if you catch my drift. Terex is tough, fierce, and bossy, and doesn’t seem to understand that I can’t stay and be his snuggle bunny. I’m not quite sure why he isn’t chasing after one of the other women when every man I’ve ever known has overlooked me. But not Terex. When he looks at me, he doesn’t seem to see chubby, awkward Ellie. And his gaze burns brighter instead of shifting away. Now, I’ve just got to convince him to help me find the other women and get back to Earth. Should be a piece of cake… Right?

Dear Zakia, I wish I could tell you how I feel … What the heck kinda nonsense is that? I walked into work one day and found a love letter, placed in secret into my tool bag. Most men steer clear of a woman who makes their living on construction sites, working with wrenches and pipes, so it’s nice to have an admirer… even if they choose to remain anonymous. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and sick of spending the love-filled holiday alone, I compiled a list of suspects. I want to see if this mystery man is worth my time. To my surprise, the foreman, James Porter, catches wind of my search and offers to help, claiming it’s what’s best for the crew. But I’m starting to doubt just how pure his motives are. Porter can’t seem to handle seeing me get close to another man. He pulls me away, warning me off them with stern words and a heated gaze… which excites me to no end. The sexy foreman is number one on my top-secret, wishful-thinking list, but with the way he’s staring at me, I might make that dream a reality…

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