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On paper, they look like the perfect match. A handsome protective doctor, a curvy and sassy pastry shop manager. But… The path to love in the biggest small town in Idaho is never boring, filled with plenty of interfering friends, plus family members with opinions. So many opinions. In the latest novella in the Tangling series, Kiersten Stafford finally gets her shot at happily ever after in this steamy romance. The fact that it’s with the off-limits, Dr. Jackson Monroe, aka Dr. McSteamy, is something she’s trying to accept. Their one night together produces two of the biggest surprises of her life…first, one night wasn’t enough and the second fulfills a wish she thought she’d have to go through alone. But why’d it have to be him? Because the Universe has a wicked sense of humor and oh, those piercing grey-blue eyes, and expert hands that know just where to…oh my…curl-my-toes-scorching-hot…I may need his brand of daily resuscitation that leaves me asking myself…Why not him? One thing’s for sure in Pineville, Love Always Finds a Way.

What happens when a husband goes behind his wife’s back and arranges for her to be seduced by the kind of dominant alpha male she’s always dreamt of? Everyone who knows Vaughn thinks he’s one lucky guy having a beautiful wife like Lily. Little do they know. Not only is Vaughn a frustrated submissive husband with an unfulfilled longing for dominant training and cuckold humiliation. He’s also married to the kind of young hotwife who thinks ‘real men don’t behave like wimps’ and who gets very little pleasure from his attempts at love-making. When Vaughn discovers Lily’s libido is not as low as she’s been claiming and that she has submissive fantasies of her own, he senses an opportunity. A way for them both to get what they really need in bed. The only problem is, it will mean deceiving his wife. At least at first… How will a submissive husband react when he introduces his wife to her ideal type of guy and the man wants more than mere control of the young hotwife? He wants domination and use of the husband as well.. 

Devereaux Huxley has a problem his billions can’t fix…me. He’s the owner of Club Greed, an adult club that caters to the fantasies of the rich and powerful, Devereaux’s the prime suspect when the girls employed at his club start turning up dead. The Greedy Girls. Elegant, poised, and desired by all. And now I’m going undercover to become one. He calls me Swan. He doesn’t know my real name, but that’s how I like it. If he knew the real Chloe, I’d be in more danger than I am now. I might be in over my head, but I won’t let the dazzling whiskey-colored eyes and seductive charm of the mysterious owner make me fail at my first case as a detective. I’m determined to be the best darn Greedy Girl the small town of Saint Pierce has ever seen. And not get myself murdered in the process. I’ll just need to keep my wits about me and keep the devilishly handsome and possible murderer Devereaux Huxley at bay. Which is easier said than done. He tempts me. He desires me. He pushes me to try new things. Naughty things. Things an undercover detective shouldn’t even be imagining. But I am imagining them…with him. When the lines between reality and fantasy blur, it’ll make me question everything I’ve ever known. I’ll need to keep myself out of danger long enough to uncover what’s really going on, but when secrets threaten to crush us, and I end up in his bed, the real danger begins. 

If only I’d left the past behind me, I wouldn’t be pregnant with my boss’s baby now. I knew that the night was going to be good when we first met. It felt so connected talking about each other’s dreams for the future. When we danced, the way he handled my body had me begging for more. But after one mind blowing evening, I found myself in the hotel room alone. Six years later, he’s in front of me as my new client. And the memories of that night came flooding back. He’s now a billionaire CEO: arrogant, grumpy, and still as hot as ever. He tries to put the distance between us, But the more he tries, the stronger our desires for each other grow. His family business takes a hit and I’m getting the blame. Everyone wants me out of his life. But how can I tell him now that I am pregnant?

Who knew the grumpy stranger would end up being my new boss. Fresh out of college I move to New York. Where I land the interview of a lifetime with Ian Maxwell. The Billionaire CEO and my worst nightmare. Impressed by my experience, he hires me. But he’s not about to make it easy. He’s committed to making my life miserable. But I’m determined to succeed. Secretly, I’m attracted to this arrogant prick. Then on a business trip to London, Unexpected sparks ignite a fire we can’t ignore. Now I’m pregnant with my boss’s baby. This could turn both of our lives upside down. What will he do if he finds out I’m carrying his baby?

A downward spiral of life in a dismal coal mining town with an abusive husband and a dead-end job seems all that is in store for Rhonda Turner until she enters a company-sponsored contest for hairstylist of the year. The first prize is a trip of a lifetime aboard a luxurious “Windjammer” sailing vessel from New York to Istanbul, Turkey with exotic stops along the way. When Rhonda wins the contest, she is determined to take the trip and take it alone, despite her husband’s strong objections. When handsome Nicholas Alexandros boards the ship in London Rhonda’s whole world changes, Nick is on his way home to the Greek Island of Naxos to help run the family-owned “Blue Shutters Inn” after the death of his father. Her growing attraction to Nick forces Rhonda to make one of three difficult choices, each of which could impact the balance of her life. Her ultimate decision and the surprise ending to this warm and entertaining story will delight all readers.

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