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He’s the one that got away. Now that I’m back in town, the jerk wants to offer me a job. This isn’t good for either of us. He feels like he’s got to make up for what happened when we were kids. And I have to restrain my hormones from doing the tango in front of him. Never a good working relationship. Or is it? See, here’s the deal. We made a pact when we were kids. If by some crazy reason we weren’t married by the time we were thirty, we’d marry each other. Well, time’s up. And the pact was never broken. Now what? Do I forgive the guy that ripped my heart out as a lovesick teenage girl? He wants a second chance, and honestly, no one is rooting harder for him than me. In our small town, this handsome, rich boy and I couldn’t have been more different, but they say opposites attract. Either way, our Marriage Pact is an interesting thought. Feels more like forever than a simple agreement, and with this boy? Forever is exactly what I’ve wished for.

I agreed to play the fake fiancé of my best friend’s brother…getting knocked up by him wasn’t part of the deal. I was broke and hitting rock-bottom when I ran into him. Slade was the first man I kissed…and then he broke my heart. He’s also my best friend’s brother, a billionaire bad boy and my long-time crush. I hate him. The last thing I want is for him to see me break. He’s infuriatingly hot and his rock-hard body is begging for my touch. One look into his mesmerizing blue eyes and I lose all control. His touch ignites a fire within me and I give myself fully to him. Both of us need something. I need money and he wants his inheritance. Out of desperation, I decide to play his fake fiancé. All I need to do is focus and not lose my head. Easier said than done. Our hot night comes back to bite us…with 2 pink lines.

What’s worse than being mated to an alien warrior? Finding out your new mate is exiled to Earth, which means your hopes of getting off this forsaken rock just went out the window of his broken down spaceship. In this limited edition collection of romances you’ll find heroes and heroines thrown into heart-pounding adventures as they help their alien mates escape condemnation to exile on Earth, while others settle into a comfortable almost-human existence. Out of this world romance can be found here on Earth with this limited edition collection of alien romances. Explore a whole new world of intergalactic intrigue. This collection is chock-full of star-crossed lovers and fated mates. (A full list of participating authors is available over on Amazon)

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