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Zeke Lightfoot is the new Jensen City fire chief and a damn good one. He may be young for a fire chief, but he’s a good leader and is always in charge. The only exception is that he likes to be dominated by beautiful women in his off time. One night, he goes to a secret club known only to the city elite by invitation only. While there, he’s humiliated and punished in the best possible way. The woman he meets there, his new dom, is gorgeous and mysterious. Who is the woman behind the mask she uses to keep her identity a secret? Remi Young has a boring day job but an exciting and secret night gig. She’s also having a rough time since falling into a puddle while helping her friends. With her new ability to control water haunting most of her thoughts, Remi welcomes the distraction of a new sub at her night job. He’s gorgeous and everything she wants in a partner outside of work. Unfortunately, he’s off-limits per the club rules. When Remi walks into her friends’ engagement party and sees her new sub sitting with her best friend’s fiancé, sparks fly. Should she tell her secrets to Zeke? Would it be more of a shock to her new sub if she tells him that she can move water at her whim or that she’s the secret sub that’s infiltrated his dreams? 

He left me with two things. One, an uncontrollable desire to be with him. And, two an unexpected baby bump. Clearly, a lot had changed. I see him now as more than just my brother’s best friend. With his deep voice and masculine beard that’s hard to ignore. And he definitely notices how much I grew up. In spite of my overprotective brother that watches me like a hawk and our ten-year age difference. Still, he knows that I am supposed to be off limits, but the chemistry between us is too hard to restrain. Which is why we had an unforgettable night that will probably mold the rest of our lives. I want to be with him but my brother may put an end to this relationship even before it begins.

Life is looking pretty good for thirty-two-year-old Jessica Dodd. She just bought her wedding dress and closed on a house with her trial lawyer fiancé, Thomas. But first, she needs to take care of one tiny issue: her husband – a youthful indiscretion from a drunken weekend in Vegas years ago. She never saw the guy again, so it didn’t really count. Still, she needs to get divorced. CIA agent Parker Salvatore has thought of his “Vegas wife” over the years, though it was never time to start dating her. However, when he returns from a two-year assignment to find that she is literally in bed with the enemy, he realizes it’s time to make his move. First, he needs to catch the bad guy, then he can woo the girl. Things begin to unravel when Jessica finds out Thomas has been lying to her. Determined to confront him she follows him to Italy. Fueled by a surplus of caffeine and a colossal lack of sleep her plan becomes a hell of a lot more complicated when she walks straight into the middle of the CIA’s criminal investigation of her fiancé. Set against the backdrop of the Tuscan countryside, Parker and Jessica find themselves treading the perilous waters of infiltrating a well-known crime family, filing for divorce and attempting to keep their rekindled attraction at bay. 

Size doesn’t matter. Yeah, right. When a guy a head taller than the other men at the gym, with massive muscles and sexy tattoos, decides to give you a personal tour at your new job, his size is the first thing you notice. Yet Caleb’s midnight blue eyes are so gentle when they lock on mine. He’s older, funny, confident… and somehow makes me feel a bit less shy. But I’m supposed to be moving soon. Can I stop myself from falling for him so hard and fast, especially when he’s already treating me like his girlfriend? Every touch, every rasp of his deep voice, sends my heart spiraling. Having such an intense man completely focused on me makes me feel like anything is possible. Even standing up for myself, and deciding how to live my own life.

Jude Collymore wasn’t a player. He played drums, but he never played games—especially with women. Which is why the broody rock star made it clear he had no interest in long-term commitments. It wasn’t his fault he had women falling all over him despite that. It was a consequence of both the rock star lifestyle and the fact he knew exactly what he was doing in the bedroom. As far as Jude was concerned, with his band and a steady stream of admirers, he had it made. But that soon changed when bandmate and best friend, Levi, received some life-changing information that could disrupt the band’s current tour. Offering his support immediately, Jude very quickly found himself tested with a connection he found impossible to ignore. Esther Milligan should never have been on his radar, and although he fought their attraction the pull toward her was strong. Add to that a stupid challenge that became a bizarre, forbidden relationship and suddenly his single, carefree status was under question and the consequences were career ending. Now, Jude has to decide where his loyalties lie and where his heart belongs…

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