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Some things are just meant to be… Ellen Somerville and Will McIntyre met by accident and under unusual circumstances. Getting sprayed by a skunk in a parking lot wouldn’t normally be the greatest way to start a relationship, but somehow it was the catalyst to what was always meant to be. While Ellen’s sister is at home trying to navigate the perils of first love, Ellen and Will are building an intense bond that will span decades. But when years later her sister’s love life fails to materialize, Ellen knows it’s time to step up and take matters into her own hands. And you know what they say about fate…

After years of service in the Air Force, Charlie Matthews is finally hanging up his wings and coming home for good to the Flying Cross Ranch to help his ailing pastor father. And after nearly a decade of short layovers and missed connections, Charlie is finally swooping back to sweep the love of his life off her feet. Unfortunately, he discovers the woman who makes his heart soar is about to depart on a one way ticket out of town. Growing up in the foster care system, Savy James has always wanted her very own forever home. Now a foster mother herself, she’s devastated when the government declares her land protected for wild horses, meaning she and her ragtag bunch of foster kids will once again be uprooted, this time to the other side of the state. Being separated once again from Charlie is too much to bear, but he can’t leave his sick father and she’d never ask him to. Determined to make this work, Charlie offers up his ranch to Savy and the kids. But the children aren’t used to his tough love. After Savy’s free-spirited ways, Charlie’s military style of discipline does not endear him to them. And when one of the kids makes a dangerous choice that (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Homecomings can be deadly. When retired Delta Force operative Rollo MacKenzie returns home to become chief of police in tiny MacKenzie Cove, he has lots of expectations…none of them good. What he doesn’t expect is to find his first love targeted by a murderer willing to do anything to bury a twenty-year-old secret. After her husband’s sudden death, Alyssa Archer scrimped and saved to purchase the abandoned farmhouse on the prettiest hill in McKenzie Cove, but someone wants her off the land. If she won’t leave, she’ll die. Rollo MacKenzie might have stolen her heart years ago, but this time, their association is strictly business. No way she’s falling for the former football star. Not after all these years. With the Lord’s help, she’ll get out of this with both her life–and her heart–in one piece. But as Rollo and Alyssa fight to unmask those responsible for the vicious attacks, they discover a frightening truth. Not everything that’s buried is dead. 

Marrying my best friend was like a dream come true, even if it was fake. My career as a reporter was pretty boring until I decided to investigate the GOLIATH syndicate. Now, I don’t know how to get out of this mess … much less survive. Then I bump into my estranged best friend Aiden on the street. Breathless, I look up into his incredibly handsome face and completely forget the trouble I’m in. After hearing about my dangerous situation, he swears to protect me. So, we go undercover pretending to be husband and wife while hiding out from an assassin. The forced proximity ignites our insatiable desires, quickly taking our relationship from best friends to lovers. Our only hope of getting out of this alive is to outmaneuver the very syndicate I swore to expose … and time was running out. But will our secrets get us killed, or ruin our chance at a happily ever after? 

Spending the night with my grumpy boss wasn’t a total mistake…but getting pregnant was. I wanted him from the moment I laid eyes on him. The only problem is, he’s my boss and completely off limits. I work as his assistant and try to avoid him. But I’m trapped like a moth to a flame. Simon Walter is a hot, cocky billionaire that’s emotionally unavailable. Yet he opens up to me? making it hard to resist him. We share a passionate night I’ll never forget. But that was just the beginning. Because I’m falling hard for my boss, and I don’t know how long we can keep this secret relationship between us.. Especially when two pink lines confirms that I’m pregnant with his baby..

I never planned on moving back home after college. Small towns like mine are full of gossipy busy-bodies and ex-football stars who are treated like Gods. Prime example: Liam Wells. Cocky and infuriating. The kind of guy I try to avoid. Not that he ever gave a girl like me a second glance, anyway. Until now. Every time I turn around, Liam is there. Inching his way into my life in the most unexpected ways. But I have big plans for my future. None of which includes falling in love. Three months and I’ll wave goodbye to this small-town life forever. Nothing or no one will stop me from pursuing my dreams. Because love isn’t everything. Or is it?

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