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Spying on people is about as exciting as waiting for water boil until private investigator Samantha Chase inadvertently spies on a mysterious vampire named Adam. Without warning, Samantha’s life takes a thrilling, yet terrifying turn. Adam’s thought of nothing but revenge and justice. He’s hunted a notorious vampire across centuries to destroy the one who stole everything from him. Then, Samantha literally stumbles into his path, and suddenly, Adam has a new reason to live. But Adam isn’t the only vampire to notice there is something special about Samantha Chase. When Adam’s nemesis recognizes a new way to torture Adam, he also sets his sights on Sam but for a frighteningly different reasons.

Nathan Browers, international soccer superstar and playboy, is our new coach. I should be excited! He’s a phenomenal player and we could learn so much from him. Instead, he’s a total jerk, and for some reason he hates me specifically. All I want to do is keep my head down and play the sport, so why does he keep making my life miserable? The moment I first saw Maya, I knew she was going to be trouble. And I don’t mean that she was going to be a difficult player to coach, either. Far from it, actually; she’s incredibly driven and talented. On top of that, she’s gorgeous, which makes it that much harder to keep myself away. I’m supposed to be reforming my public image and lying low, not pursuing a student and giving the tabloids more to talk about. Will I be able to keep myself on the straight and narrow?

I’m fake dating the hottest man alive. And he doesn’t know he put a baby in my belly. Gavin Austin. The epitome of sexy. A real life demigod with sculpted cheekbones and a perfect body to match that 10/10 face. After seeing the TV report on his recent breakup,
I can’t stop the intrusive thoughts about everything I want him to do to me. It’s just my own little fantasy, for now. When his jilted ex-girlfriend wants back into his life, I grab his hand and play new girlfriend. Fake dating for pretenses only… until it isn’t. Just a flick tingles all my secret spots, And his touch marks something deep inside me. The feelings between us just got too real, And this maverick’s instinct is to run. But can I make him stay now that he’s my baby daddy?

A billionaire CEO who never got over his first crush — a rising star who will be singing at his island birthday celebration… Roman Cantona is promoted to CEO of his family’s hotel conglomerate. He always knew this day would come, though he never imagined it would come so quickly or so tragically. Overnight, he becomes a workaholic with no social life. He’s operating on coffee fumes by the time he allows a friend to talk him into taking a long overdue weekend off for his birthday. He makes a reservation at an award-winning resort in Fiji that promises a celebration designed to make his biggest wishes come true. Or so their website claims. It sounds more like a fairytale to him, because he’s pretty sure he’s not going to be dating the woman of his dreams anytime soon. A poor but rising singer receives an invitation from a tropical resort for a weekend singing engagement that she can’t afford to turn down. When she arrives, Celine Petrova is amazed to come face-to-face with the man who’s been funding her full-ride scholarship to college — a very hunky, very sweet, and very exhausted CEO. It’s an instant rekindling of old flames that soon has her daydreaming about making memories that’ll last far beyond a single weekend! 

When everything he loves is threatened, any risk is worth taking. Can love truly conquer all? Three tempting, steamy, Scottish Highlander romances in one complete set!

The Courtship of the Glen: What happens when we meet the person who changes us completely? Colin will on day be Laird of Clan MacLeod and father to Ewan MacLeod. But today, he is a hot-headed young man trying to prove himself to his father. Until he meets a mysterious black-haired lass who changes his life. Caitir’s young life has mostly focused on her time with her grandmother, learning to make herbals for the village market. A chance encounter, a fight over a rabbit, and Colin is smitten with the dark-haired lass. And when he learns she can temper his brash behavior, and help him become the man, the Laird, he wants to be, Colin will do anything to have her. But when another man tries to claim her as his own, will their unlikely bond prove strong enough or will they lose the love they’ve just found?

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And my love for you burns brighter than all the light of the sun… After the tragic death of her husband, Ilaria hides her grief in anonymous lovers. Until her reckless behavior clashes with her authoritarian elder brother. Presented with the unusual opportunity to leave home and see the world, Ilaria can’t refuse. Maybe the distance will finally allow her broken heart to heal. Sebastian devoted his life to the sea, until he is unanimously elected as the Chieftain of his clan. Taking over the place that once belonged to his brother, Sebastian will do anything to prove his worth, including losing his own happiness. A chance meeting between Ilaria and Sebastian on the docks ignites a fiery passion they didn’t expect. When faced with a devastating loss and terrible secrets, will they finally find the love neither of them thought possible?

She thought she had all the answers. Brilliant Neurologist Cynthia Haywood is a rising star at Baltimore’s most prestigious hospital just one step away from the coveted department chair. Everything she thought she wanted was within reach. A family tragedy forces her to rush off to her sister’s home in Eastport Rhode Island, where she is thrust into a perplexing small town world and the added responsibility of caring for her eight-year-old niece. But that’s not her biggest challenge – it’s him, Simon. He’s the problem. The dreamy next-door neighbor with the adorable puppies becomes an immediate distraction. She should be focused on her family. She should be concerned with returning to her medical career back in Baltimore. Yet, she feels the pull of the kind neighbor who whispers words she never knew she needed to hear and has her heart racing. He’s the calm she never knew she needed. She knows she should keep her distance. She knows she didn’t rush to Rhode Island for a love connection. She knows a lot of things – but one kiss from Simon jeopardizes everything she ever thought she knew. Will the attraction be enough for her to jeopardize her big city dreams? She doesn’t know. 

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