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Jack Cade already has enough on his shoulders with his four brothers, his struggling Wyoming horse ranch, and his adopted mama going through chemo again. He doesn’t have time for a woman, and he doesn’t trust them. But when Everlea Donovan falls into his life—literally—he can’t stop fantasizing about her. Wanting her. But Everlea’s hiding something, always looking over her shoulder, ready to run at any moment. She can’t risk putting Jack and his family in danger, but she’s never wanted anything—anyone—the way she wants him. When she starts feeling at home at Cade Ranch with its wide open meadows and breathtaking mountain views, she begins to let down her guard—to both her heart and her safety—and that’s just asking for trouble…

Yuki Yamimoto isn’t the kind of girl to say no to opportunity, especially when it comes swaggering into the five-star hotel where she works, dressed in a three-piece suit. The handsome wavy haired man with a movie star smile and charming Irish accent is almost irresistible… If only he wasn’t a hotel guest! Declan Moriarty can’t keep his eyes off the gorgeous girl at hotel Reception. Her wide eyes and flirting have him wondering, should he dare ask her out? When his whole life has fallen into the cosmic toilet the past year, it seems too much to ask for a dream girl like Yuki for Christmas. But maybe just this once, luck might be on his side. A steamy Christmas Eve date has them both wanting more, but Yuki isn’t supposed to fraternize with hotel guests. Not even a cheeky, handsome guest who also happens to be one of the youngest tech CEOs in Ireland. She definitely isn’t supposed to stay in his hotel suite, even if it is just a fling for one night only. What if she loses her Christmas bonus or gets fired? Declan wants nothing more than to keep Yuki, the girl under his Christmas tree. But he only has days in Melbourne, Australia before he has to fly back to Ireland for Christmas, then back to work. Is it foolish to risk putting his heart on the line again, when it was recently battered and bruised by his (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

The Gods have spoken…She shall be their savior. Eleven-year-old Alaina woke in the woods, bloodied, bruised and without a single memory of her life before that moment. Now a week before her nineteenth birthday she’s determined to let go of the past. But the past never stays buried for long. When the mysterious and oh-so-sexy Brady arrives, Alaina is thrown into a world she never believed existed. And handed a fate she’s uncertain is hers. Pursued by a man who wants her dead, Alaina must decide who she can trust. With the kingdom on the verge of collapse, can Alaina come to terms with her past? And if so, will she survive long enough to see what the Gods have in store for her future?

I don’t give a damn about this billionaire, but he looks so hot riding around in his limousine. Slade Redding, an arrogant but powerful land developer plans to destroy my family’s legacy. I need to keep my heart, and my hands far away from him. My attraction to this older man makes me want to let his broad shoulders and luscious mouth work their magic. When his gentle touches light up my world, I forget he is my enemy. Will Slade let the legacy that I now love be destroyed, or will our unexpected baby become his new legacy?

One hot night with a Navy SEAL changed my life forever. And now I see him reflected every day in the little girl he never knew we had. My business is growing; except for the Billionaire Jerk standing in my way. Now it’s the fight of my life against the God Bod, real estate mogul. There’s one problem…. I never thought I’d see my one-night stand again. Hotter and grumpier than ever.

One job, two opponents, and one hell of an attraction between them… Why’d he have to be so manly, rugged, and sexy? Why’d there have to be that stupid no dating rule within the staff at WOLF? And why couldn’t I turn my hormones off and be the professional I needed to be? I knew the answer to the last question. How could anyone turn off something so hot? When he touched me, it left my flesh sizzling. When our lips met for the first time, I knew I was done for. He had me right from the start. Took me higher than I knew was possible. My body was his, at his mercy, and he gave none. But our jobs might cost us the passion we’d found. Would we really let that happen?

I knew I should’ve stayed away from my powerful client’s hot bodyguard. I was closing my clinic up when a random crazed man attacked me. Weeks passed after the attack and I started to get my memory back from amnesia. I began having flashbacks of a familiar sexy military type hunk rescuing me. Then I realized the hot man stuck in my head was my client’s bodyguard. He was the one who rescued and kissed me that night. Now he’s pretending he doesn’t even know me. On one hand I’m so furious at him my heart rate rapidly increases. On the other hand, I wouldn’t waste a second jumping into bed with this jerk. I know this could become a conflict of interest and… This situation is like playing with fire, but I don’t care. Could this be the beginning of the end between us or something else?

The only thing dumber than convincing the imminent Male Alpha of Velm to help me find Oko would be falling in love with him along the way.” Helisent West of Jaws, a witch, and Samson 714 Afador, a wolf, don’t have much in common. He’s in line to become the Male Alpha of Velm, she’s a red witch with a questionable relationship to brandy. But that doesn’t matter. They don’t need to get along when they strike up a partnership to hunt down Oko, a mutual enemy. All they need to do is survive a trip to Skull, the City of Ghosts… and then a run-in with a filthy bloodsucker, a prophecy-wielding selkie, a pack of wolves, and an irate phoenix. As each hurdle brings Helisent and Samson closer to finding Oko, their discoveries begin to point to a single conclusion—one that will destroy the trust they’ve placed in each other and change their world forever.

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