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A dying heiress. The haunting threat of looming madness. And a Ripper stalking the London streets. Whoever dares to marry Isabel Vanderton will be rich, that much is clear. The problem is, Isabel isn’t interested in marrying. She isn’t really interested in dying either, but Death is impatient. He has haunted Isabel for years—her most persistent suitor—and now, he is bent on claiming what is rightfully his. Determined, Death sets out on a careful game of seduction that threatens Isabel’s very sanity. She will succumb to him, or she will suffer the consequences. As Isabel bargains desperately for her very soul, tales of Jack-the-Ripper plague all of London. The longer she delays, the closer she comes to losing everything and everyone she holds dear. Is a life in darkness better than no life at all? It is time for Isabel to make her choice.

Emily Driscoll is fine, thank you very much. Single yet again, Emily decides to move back to her hometown of Westshore Beach in hopes of starting over. When she adopts a stray dog with a knack for chasing cars and drooling on her kitchen floor, she discovers the town veterinarian is none other than her ex-fiancé, Jason, who left her at the altar in Cancún eight years ago. Emily tries to navigate her new life with her sassy best friend, her endearingly bohemian mom, and her rescue, Snaggles, at her side. But the more she bumps into Jason around town, the more she realizes that Snaggles might not be the only one in Westshore who deserves a second chance. After Snaggles breaks his leg and her perfect plans begin to unravel, Emily finds herself turning to her ex-fiancé for help. Jason is supportive, gallant, and patient—and, despite their past, one flex of his spectacular bicep has her belly in freefall. Dare she give their love another try? 

Six nights a week, I spend my time at Club Secrets. For five of them, I work that stage like it’s nobody’s business, but on the sixth night… I’m all his. That’s when the hotshot attorney, Abraham Jones, comes down from his castle in the sky to be entertained by me for one night. What happens behind those closed doors is our little secret, never to see the light of day. It’s the perfect arrangement until my world threatens to break. My drug addict mother is back and wants to take away the most important person in my life… my little brother Rick. So now I need to use our connection to press one of the city’s most powerful lawyers into helping me. He says he will… with one condition… I give him more than just one night.

I always feared that I would fall for someone, and now that I had, I wanted nothing but her. Alice: I was in a lab. There was a flash of light. I was in an alien jungle. Beyond that, I had no idea how I arrived where I was. The entire room I was in had been ripped from the building and dropped on another planet. To make matters worse, wherever I was had hulking, silver-skinned men roaming the trees. Of course, I ran into them almost instantly and they captured me with ease after realizing I wasn’t a ‘Sky God’. I thought they were the ones who had abducted me at first, but I quickly found out that they were very primitive and didn’t even know what electricity was. It didn’t seem like I was going to get back home anytime soon, so I didn’t resist them, at least for the time being, and followed them willingly into the trees. Traversing a jungle with ripped aliens in skimpy loincloths was the last thing I thought I’d be doing on a Thursday, but there I was. At least the view was pleasant. Valun: We were waiting to sneak into a cave the Uldo were guarding when she came crashing to the ground. I smelled her before I ever laid eyes on her and knew that I was hers. The attrax had taken me and I could not fight it off for long. It was something  (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

City of Angels? Only if this witch makes a deal with the Devil… Queen Trick rules Hollywood, using her powers to grant charisma and success to starlets and studio heads alike. But dark magic is a cruel monarch, demanding a constant flow of fresh energy, and this lucky witch is running out. Evander Bliss rules the city’s underworld with a gun in each iron fist—and he’ll do anything to own Queen Trick. Even offering to gift her a huge source of power…with strings very much attached. Then lighting strikes—in the form of the most powerful, wild, and dangerous man she’s ever met: Balthazar “Tsarevitch” Vasilyev. He’s the man she’s been waiting for her whole life, her true soulmate. And the answer to her problems, with an endless reserve of the very magic she needs most. If only she didn’t have to kill him to get it.

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