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They took us in the middle of the night and forced us to do things together…things I don’t dare admit. They came and took us in the middle of the night—kidnapped us and locked us in an attic—me and my stepbrother Jake. They’re some kind of cult—the Worshipers of the Moon—and they say that Jake and I are the last of the Royal Weres. We’re the last two with the blood of the First Wolf and because of that, we’re their only hope. But now they want me to do things with Jake—things I know I shouldn’t do. Things that could get me in a lot of trouble nine months down the line. It’s frightening, but Jake is protective and gentle—he understands what we need to do in order to get free. The only trouble is, our plan might prove disastrous in more than one way. The cult members keep telling me that Jake is my Alpha and I am his Omega—his to claim, his to take. But when we finally get away from them, we don’t dare to tell anyone what they made us do together. For the penalty for our sins in the Were world…is death.

Jessup Faulkner is moving up in the world. At least, he’s moving up in his family’s small flower shop. His parents are retiring, and they’re giving him a chance to prove that he can run the business by putting him in charge of the town’s annual flower festival competition. The clout from winning this year can make or break the year in sales, and Jessup’s determined to show his parents he can take over the business. Lydia Peke is new in town and helping her uncle, the owner of Peke’s Flowers and Gifts, with his flower shop while he recovers from an illness. With Lydia’s customer service and organizational background, he puts her in charge of their display and booth in the annual competition that can save his shop from financial ruin. After Jessup and Lydia unknowingly meet and have a steamy one-night stand, Lydia thinks she’ll never see him again. But when the guy who rocked her world shows up as her competition at the flower festival, all bets are off.

A dual perspective mc romance from twin brothers Rael & Chrome. Chrome: Everything is finally falling into place. I’ve reunited with my twin. The woman I love has become my wife. And I’m now patched into the RBMC in Tonopah. With my ol’ lady Cameron, I move to Nevada to start our new life together. But the past never fully dies, and when the ones I love are threatened, the monster inside me awakens. No one messes with me and mine. I’ll protect the ones I love viciously. No matter the cost. Rael: I’ve finally found peace. The monster inside has grown silent, content with my woman and the upcoming birth of my twin sons. My brother has come home to Nevada, filling the last space of emptiness in my heart. And that’s why I’ve become vigilant. I’d kill to protect Nylah, my unborn children, my brother, and my club. When an old enemy returns, the beast inside roars to life, promising retribution. My brother and I will unleash hell and reap every soul in our path of vengeance. Let the carnage begin …. 

Welcome to the sexy, steamy world of Hotel D, where even the most jaded characters meet their matches! These mature heroes and heroines aren’t afraid to go after what they want, in the bedroom or out. Come along for the ride…

Stay With Me: A busy single mom and lawyer, Aesha Shah doesn’t have time for love — but a chance meeting with sexy principal Theo Kearney leads to the hottest one night stand of her life. There’s just one problem: he won’t settle for less than forever.

Belong to Me: Scottish billionaire Sean Reid and travel influencer Mala Shah’s chemistry is undeniable. Falling for one another? Inevitable. The betrayal? Unthinkable. There’s no way their relationship can come back from this disaster.

Bet on Me: Producer Cara Dunbar’s wanted Nik Shah her whole life. Then the gorgeous doc claims she’s his fiancée. She’s happy to play along, but when their families get involved, the ruse starts to feel like something more. Soon, the tall tale telling duo have to confront the fact that their relationship just might be the real deal. 

A shy girl’s nightmare come true: Meeting a gorgeous man while accidentally topless. Ansel’s instant sweetness somehow triggers something deep inside me. You have to admire a man who doesn’t get freaked out when I mention it feels like there are squirrels running around in my guts when I get nervous. He’s the eldest Oakley brother. The wealthy tech genius. With me, he’s gentle. Encouraging. And so sexy that I might burn up from his touch. Ansel knows just how to nurture the heat between us slowly. He’s so gentle that it makes me want more… of everything. Apparently, I’m not too shy to be instantly addicted to our fiery lust. It feels like he’s falling just as hard as I am. But he doesn’t think I can handle his loud family. Doesn’t think I can step up and help as they try to save their forest. Does he think I’m not as serious and determined as he is? I love that he treats me like a princess, but I don’t want to be delicate anymore. It’s time for me to turn over a new leaf and open up. I’ll have to show him that I want him. Need him. And I’m ready to fight those squirrels. 

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