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A man who lost everything. A woman squatting on a property that’s not hers. An aunt who suggests a marriage of convenience. When Smith Long strides into his new hometown, he doesn’t expect to get bowled over by a woman chasing her cow whom she claims has fallen in love with a pig. Doesn’t every small town have that one crazy person? He’s not laughing later, though, when his aunt informs him that in order for him to receive the old, rundown property she’d promised him, he has to marry the crazy woman he’d hoped to never see again. Abrielle Adams is squatting on a ranch outside of Sweet Water, North Dakota and hoping that she’ll get back on her feet before the heir shows up. Wishful thinking since she finds out that the man who’d kept her from catching her cow is the very person she was trying to avoid. But now Abrielle has been offered the one thing she could really use – half ownership of the ranch she’s been “borrowing” – and all she has to do is marry a (grumpy, sour, and okay, handsome) stranger. To both Abrielle and Smith, marriage is more than convenience and a vow is a lifetime commitment. Will they see how much they have in common and decide they need each other? 

A wild evening goes demonically wrong… Patience craves answers. Half a century after appearing on the steps of the witch academy, she was still no closer to recovering her lost memories and identity. Tormented nightly by visions of red eyes and burdened by dreams that, although connected, remain unclear. Patience, to distract herself, decides to defy the rules and enter the vampire club, Moarte, an act strictly forbidden for witches. Never expecting her best friend, Michael, to begin his transition into a full demon, Patience, desperate to save him, binds him to his vampiric lover. To make matters worse, Lucius, the domineering brother of the vampire, whom Michael is now bound to, harbors a deep resentment for witches and especially for Patience. Even so, they must now work together to find a soul gem that will untether the bond before her best friend completely consumes his brother’s soul. As their unlikely alliance takes form and their attraction grows, Lucius’ presence draws out long-forgotten memories deep from within Patience. He may just be the key to unlocking her past—but will she be able to convince him that he needs her far more than he needs to kill her? Rediscovering her past and how it binds her to Lucius may just prove to be far more dangerous than either of them imagined. 

Meet Abbie, cubicle dweller by day, blogger by night. Acting as her online diary, the blog feature a no-holds-barred, true life, gritty account of her sometimes funny, sometimes painful, often dirty love life. Oh, and she doesn’t always change the names to protect the innocent. After a date with coworker, Toby, she has a new reason to hate Mondays. When the post goes viral, Toby seeks revenge and enlists the help of his buddy Parker to do it. Both guys soon realize when she isn’t bad -mouthing men, she’s pretty likable, maybe even lovable. All may be fair in love and war, but what happens next will rock the internet and her world.

Med school over…check. Reunite with the guys at the Twisted Reapers MC…check. Lose my V-card to four biker studs…check. Dominic owns the MC and is a smoking hot silver fox. He’s much older but the way he commands respect has me obeying his every word. Bret was my brother’s smoking hot best friend and the guy every girl in school would drop her panties for. And it doesn’t take long to realize I’m no different than them. Nick is my best friend’s sweet and sexy big brother and he’s totally off-limits or is he? Chase can be an outright bully, but I’ve seen his softer side and it makes me weak in the knees. As if things couldn’t get more complicated than juggling four men, I pull a stupid stunt that lands me as a hostage of the Reapers. With no way out til I pay off my debt. I need to get out of here to finish my residency. But the longer I’m here the more I’m drawn to these rough dominant men. My heart aches to keep my 4 Bikers and not lose everything I’ve worked so hard for? And everything my brother gave up for me before he died. Loving these men has rocked my world. Now I’m torn between passion and purpose. 

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