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Her entire life, magic was forbidden. Until Cassie Gearhart came to Willow Creek, a small town in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains—a town filled with magic, a place where she could practice magic freely. That freedom comes to an abrupt end when a spell gone wrong traps Cassie’s spirit in an oak tree, only to awaken her nearly half a century in the future, in present-day Willow Creek. The coven of free-spirited witches Cassie remembers is gone—replaced with one remaining witch, a brooding farmer whose mere presence fills Cassie with a passion she’s never known. Nick Felson, the last remaining witch in Willow Creek, wants nothing to do with Cassie. Or with magic. But fate might just have other plans.

Brooke: I’m convinced happily ever after is a myth. Discovering my husband’s secrets has given me no choice but to take my daughter and start over. Unfortunately, that means living with my parents again. Just when I think life has stacked the deck against me, I run into Ryan. It’s been over a decade, but old feelings quickly reignite. The chemistry between Ryan and me is undeniable, and I’m left wondering if this is the way things were always meant to be. Ryan: After being a Marine for fourteen years, I move home to start a business with my brother. The last person I expect to walk through the door is the woman I let go. She’s the one I’ve never forgotten, and thoughts of her kept me going all these years. Now I have the chance to prove my worth to her, but will the odds be stacked against us?

When danger strikes, he’ll move mountains to protect the one woman who could break his heart. When injuries force Detective Lincoln Sawyer to a rural rehabilitation, danger arrives along with him. Instincts and training kick in creating the best therapy possible as he hunts a crazed stalker in the small mountain town. Especially when the target is the retreat’s beautiful owner whose brown eyes blaze with caution every time they land on him, giving a silent warning. But when the stalker turns downright vengeful, he can’t stay away. Brooke Mather’s already escaped the clutches of her sadistic ex-fiancé once. Directing her pain into creating a haven for injured law enforcement and veterans in the Smoky Mountains, she’s finally moved on from her past. But when her safe space is violated by the man who seeks to destroy her, she’s determined to put an end to his vengeance once and for all. As things heat up, Lincoln and Brooke are thrown together. Each new turn peels back a layer to a mystery entangled with more deceit than anticipated where revenge is the ultimate goal.

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