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When his wife died, Reese was sure he’d never love again… until that one summer. Widowed horse and cattle farmer Reese Blackwood does not need a keeper. Not for himself or his two sons. They can manage just fine on their own. At least that’s what he keeps telling everybody, especially himself. Elementary school teacher Shelby Corbett is no pushover. Just ask anyone who has seen how easily she handles a classroom full of boisterous kids. So spending the summer break looking after Reese’s two energetic boys is totally within her wheelhouse. Which shocks Reese completely. That’s only the first surprise, though. The second is the undeniable attraction that sparks between them. An attraction that’s totally unexpected but becomes increasingly difficult to ignore. As she helps Reese reconnect with his boys, Shelby shines a light into his dark and lonely world, bringing hope to his broken and grieving heart. Hope that Reese fears will be lost again when Shelby’s six-week stay at Lone Oaks is over. Unless he’s willing to risk everything by asking her to stay.

My one night stand is now my grumpy boss and I have one task… To be his fake fiancé. It was a night I’ll never forget. He was sexy and charismatic. He had me when he started whispering in my ear, And before I knew it, my panties were off in a New York minute. As mind blowing as it was, I never expected him to be my new boss. And believe me he won’t let me forget it. Damon Finnegan. An arrogant, cocky billionaire who can’t take no for an answer. But god, he is annoyingly hot and I can’t stop thinking about that night. I resist his advances until he offers me a deal I can’t refuse. He needs me to be his fake fiancé for a price. It’s all fun and games until I realize I’ve fallen for this notorious bad boy, And I’m carrying his baby.

The first time I lay eyes on my future boss, he’s buck naked. And it only gets more awkward from there. Things are crazy right now. I’m between jobs. I found out my ex cheated on me with my cousin. So I sign up for an art class. That should be simple and relaxing, right? Except now I’m sketching a hot-as-hell nude model who’s eyeing me as much as I am him. When we unexpectedly meet again, he makes me an offer: move in with him and his identically gorgeous brothers while they do whirlwind renovations on a house they’re planning to flip. He wants me to use my skills as a videographer to film the transformation including many shots of them using their power tools while shirtless. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. They offer me good money, but that’s not what I want. I need someone to be my fake boyfriend for a week of family wedding events that will include my ex. It’s a lot to ask of one guy, but perhaps three could get the job done? Now the triplets are pretending to be one man who’s pretending to be my boyfriend, and we can barely keep our stories straight. I’m with them day and night, and before long, the heat between us turns into a bonfire. But with so much deception, how can I tell if the feelings I’m (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Annika: I’ve never known the love of a family. Orphaned since infancy and abandoned by my closest relatives, I grew up fighting to survive in a system that promised to spit me out the minute I turned eighteen. My hopes were bleak. My dreams felt unattainable. Until the day I lost my heart to him. Oliver Warbrick is the wealthiest man in New York. He’s an alpha male, a self-made captain of industry who has clawed his way to the top and strives to help his fellow man. I should know. I’ve followed his career, read his book religiously, and watched him from afar, quietly dreaming of the day he’d be the daddy I never had. A different kind of daddy. Weeks before my birthday, with the threat of homelessness hanging over me, I uncover a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel. Oliver’s assistant visits St. Mary’s Girls’ Home and offers one lucky girl a full-ride scholarship to the college of her choice. It’s the perfect opportunity to prove my worth. And my one chance to make him mine. Oliver: My intentions were honorable until they weren’t. But she was so sweet, young, forbidden, and untouched. From the moment I clapped my eyes on her, I knew she was mine. Mine to protect. Mine to cherish. Mine to claim. And mine to enjoy. When Annika asks (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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