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An impoverished Lord must marry for money, now that his fortune has been stolen. Lady Charlotte discovers a clue about his stolen fortune that changes everything. Can they find a future together filled with love and security? Thomas, Marquess of Silverton, cannot understand why the widowed Lady Denfield is eager for his company, especially when all of society knows he is impoverished. Given that she is a lady with some wealth, Thomas thinks it wise to consider courtship, even though he is interested in another young lady, Lady Charlotte. When Lord Silverton begins to turn his attentions towards Lady Denfield, Lady Charlotte is upset, even though her mother has encouraged her away from him. When she overhears a conversation between Lady Denfield and another unknown gentleman, she feels duty bound to tell Lord Silverton – but will he believe her? Can they find a way out of his predicament, and back toward each other?

Maddox has never been what anyone would consider normal, but he works hard to curb his impulses. When a chance meeting sets Maddox on a path he never expected, he develops an obsession with an alluring young baker. Every morning, he visits her bakery, and while she works, he breaks into her apartment to feel closer to her. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t stay away. But April is afraid of him, and he’ll do anything to make her feel safe, so he keeps his distance. Until one night, his sweet little baker is in danger, and Maddox has no choice but to take action. When a mysterious stranger enters her bakery, April is immediately entranced…and intimidated. She can’t quite bring herself to speak to the quiet man with the intense stare, but she lives for his morning visits to the bakery. She’s never felt an attraction like this and doesn’t know what to make of her feelings. Then one night, her enigmatic stranger shows her just how dangerous he can be.

Enemies to lovers? That only happens in romance movies. The gorgeous grump next door is a jerk!

Moving back to your home town after living in the big city is tricky. But my grumpy next door neighbor is making things even more difficult. Whatever I do he always seems to be there, towering over me and glowering. He’s hot, bossy and infuriating, but I keep catching him staring at me when he thinks I’m not looking…

Shot and left for dead, a tiger shifter wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. Unable to abandon the tiger shifter that once rejected her, Leilani Deville takes Nero under her care, hoping he’ll remember what he is and more importantly, who shot him and why.

But Nero is less interested in finding out who shot him and more interested in the pretty brunette who appears at the hospital to claim him. With only a memory of their kiss, Nero is determined to recover his memory and vows to keep Leilani by his side.

Unfortunately, a Lion Alpha, a Master Vampire and his unknown assailant have other plans for Nero, and none of them include Leilani.

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