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Learn to love in the wake of loss, uncover rich family secrets, and solve a generations-old mystery with a cast of characters waiting to become your next set of unforgettable friends. Experience danger, suspense, destiny, and second chances as you fall for the dashing Lanigans. This set includes: Blue Midnight, Blue Moon, and Blue Ink.

Blue Midnight: She’s a recent divorcee looking for a fresh start. He’s a widower with a troubled past. Will solving his brother’s murder lead to a second chance at love? In the wake of her husband’s betrayal, Blythe Heywood is forced to begin again. When she finds a slip of paper with the phone number of the man she walked away from years before, she’s compelled to follow the path not taken. Will her journey into the unknown lead to her true destiny or will her excursion to the past jeopardize her future?

My grumpy neighbor is determined to ruin my fresh start in Las Vegas. But I’m not going to let him get away so easily. I just moved to the city after a broken engagement – so I’ve got every right to throw parties and have fun, right? Well, that’s not what my “geeky” neighbor, Carter, thinks. There’s something incredibly mysterious about him, And he is becoming more intriguing as the days go by. Eventually, those curious glances and intense disagreements lead to a passionate kiss. Just when the flames between us begin to flare, My ex-fiance, Drake, appears and complicates everything. Now, we’re back to square one. Is it worth risking my heart again with a man who won’t commit? My mind is saying no, but my body and my heart… Well, that’s a whole other story.

He knows what he wants… Dixon Rothchild once led soldiers on the front lines. Now he’s living the high life in the room over his parents’ garage while tinkering with motors day and night. What he craves is a brotherhood. Then one night he lends a hand to the tough and savvy bar owner by cleaning some riff-raff off her barstools…and in that moment realizes there’s something to fight for right here in his hometown. So the Dark Falcons Motorcycle Club is born. There’s no stopping this attraction… Fiona’s taken men like Dixon Rothchild for a test drive before, and the last thing she wants—or needs—is another overly muscled gearhead who likes to show off by using his fists. He’s also the type she falls for…every…damn…time.

Motorcycles, Mobsters, and Mayhem author event proudly presents The Mayhem Makers Series.
These standalone novels are brought to you by several authors specializing in writing twisted chaos. You’ll get all the bikers, mobsters, and dark romance your heart can handle.

Blurb for Locked on Her coming soon.

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