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I deceived him for four years. Ash and I were childhood pen pals. He thought I was a boy, and I never told him I wasn’t. Since we lived in different states, he’d never find out. Right? Wrong. Well, he didn’t figure it out when we were kids, but now we’re sitting a few tables away from each other in a downtown Chicago restaurant, and I’m about to be exposed as a fraud. I know what you’re thinking: Just keep your mouth shut, and he won’t know who you are. Wrong, again. My lunch companion and co-worker, Wendy, knows him. Wait. Let me amend that. She’s infatuated with him. Oh, yes. My newest friend has a crush on the boy I betrayed. What are the odds? Infinitely low. That’s what they are. To top things off, Ash’s brother just saved me from choking to death. It’s been an eventful lunch, to say the least. And now Wendy is determined to stop by their table to thank him again and to flirt with Ash. He’s going to hate me, right? Please tell me I’m wrong.

Convicted of a grisly murder he didn’t commit, Teague Creek has nothing to lose. In a desperate escape, he abducts a hostage to use as leverage, only to find out, he’s taken the wrong woman. Soon, it’s clear not only the cops and the FBI are hunting him. His ugly past has joined the chase, and it’s in the lead. And while Alyssa Foster may not be the woman he needed, she turns out to be the only woman he wants. Alyssa’s on the verge of fulfilling her dream life when she’s abducted by a prison inmate, risking her coveted position at the hospital she loves. He has powers she doesn’t understand and a heart that tells her he’s not a hardened criminal. But when Alyssa digs in to help him, she finds something much darker than she expected. Undercover operatives want Creek silenced and they don’t care who they take out in the process.

The only person who can save her is the one man she told to stay away… SEAL Crew Spence is in desperate need of a dangerous, high-stakes adventure to help him forget that his wife left him. So when he’s sent on a mission to rescue a captured spy from a terrorist group, he thinks it’s just what the doctor ordered. Until he finds out exactly who he’s supposed to save… Teigen Spence wouldn’t mind a new mission, either. Being held captive in a dank cell is hardly her idea of a good time. Now, her estranged husband is the only person daring enough to get her out of this mess. Too bad their marriage is in even worse shape than her current op… They’ve always pushed each other’s buttons in the worst—and most pleasurable—ways. But with their lives and marriage on the line, can Crew and Teigen come together when it matters most?

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