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Elisa: All I’ve ever wanted was to measure up to my father’s expectations. But it’s not that simple when he’s the head of a brutal crime family. The only girl in a world of monsters and the landscape keeps getting darker and darker. One shift in power and my father is marrying into a worse family—one that wants our name for their own. In return for the safety of his sons, I’m offered to the eldest in our new extended family. But he’s not looking for love or happy ever afters. He needs a pawn. A bargaining chip. A hostage with a pretty face. I hate myself for wanting him to see me. To need me. To love me. Everything about my desire is wrong. Yet it blinds me to bend, then break every rule I’ve ever known. Anything for him. Daemon: The only way to survive in the dark is to become it. I can’t even remember what it’s like to feel anything but vengeance. But everything changes when my mother marries the leader of our bitter enemies. Play nice was the request. Not a chance. And in exchange, I get the honor of breaking his only daughter. They think we’re in this fight together. They’re wrong. We’re here to tear them apart. One by one. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

A serial womanizer ghosted by the hottest woman he’s seen? Yep. That’s my story. There’s nothing I can’t do, and no one I can’t have. Leaving women with a fake number after one hot night is my trick. And yet… this girl bested me. For the first time in a long time, I’m intrigued. She snuck out in the middle of the night while my dumbass was sleeping. If she was a guy friend, I’d high-five her for that move. Her loss. Until it’s mine too. Of all people to show up as a new marketing client for my firm, it’s this girl. The one I can’t stop thinking about. The one that exposed me for my horrid ways. Big problem though. Her father hates me. Good thing it’s his problem. I might have been a bachelor spreading my wild oats before, but now I’m a one-woman man. That is, if she’ll have me.

3 Billionaire Romances for your reading pleasure… Mr. Real Rich, Mr. Handsome Hunk, & Mr. Manly Man. 

Mr. Real Rich: Nothing tastes as sweet as winning over a woman. And this pretty single mom is in my sights. But it’s not her heart I’m after. It’s her chocolate factory. Being a billionaire CPA, my clients expect only the best from me. And the latest wants her candy since it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Not a problem. Nothing I can’t handle. Until I see her working her magic and realize how much she loves what she does. Roses are red and violets may be blue. Me pushing away love is nothing new. Besides, I have to go against my powerful family to destroy this deal I’ve been primed to make happen. I’m rich because of them. But she’s right for me. Time to fight for what feels real and make this woman mine. Candies and all.

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Tiffani: I am on top of the world, but my rise is just getting started. I am fierce and feral in the ring but outside, they expect something different. They expect me to smile pretty for the cameras and be on my best behavior. I started fighting because I do not know how to behave. They call me “Ice Princess” for a reason—I don’t care what the world thinks of me. Tate: I never wanted to win gold or hoist a belt over my head. I just loved to fight. Growing up in the streets meant I either got good at it or I didn’t survive. As a trainer, I teach my fighters to stay focused, to ignore distractions, and to keep their head down and their guard up. I never saw Tiffany Frost coming. Once I meet her everything changes for me. All my focus is on her—even if I am not her trainer. I want to protect her at all costs—but mostly I want to possess her.

Welcome to Misfit Academy! Correction, I think. Welcome to Mage Academy! If someone would’ve told me three months ago that this is where I’d find myself, I would’ve called them a liar. Yet here I am. All I did to earn this spot was time travel and accidentally, depending on who you ask, burned my foster mom’s house down. Long story short, she kicked me out. That’s how I ended up here—at the worst place on earth. Not only am I not welcomed with open arms at my new home, but I’m the only time-traveling witch who doesn’t know which coven I belong to. Even worse than that, someone is trying to frame me for a curse I couldn’t have cast. I’m supposed to avoid drama, but this place is full of it. No matter what I say or do, I can’t help but run into it. Chaos is the soup du jour around here. If I’m not careful, my time here could be much more difficult than anything I’ve ever been through. The question is… will all the drama be worth it in the end, or is it just the beginning of something much worse? 

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