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With the tragic loss of his wife almost 2 years ago, Hudson Barlow is a lost soul struggling to find his way in the world again. Deciding on small steps, he convinces himself to grab coffee at a local diner. Easy enough, he thinks. What Hudson didn’t realize was that this tiny chance was a much bigger step into an unsuspected friendship and journey of self-discovery. With her abusive ex finally in her rear view, Amelia Davis is trying to move forward with her life. She’s settled into what feels like her happy place. Her own apartment, a great diner job and friends that have quickly become the greatest chosen family. Despite loving her peaceful routine, in walks a stranger who seems on edge, lost even. Amelia can’t help but be drawn to find out why… Hudson is terrified to move forward without his past. Amelia is afraid of her past coming to find her. Can the two of them find what they need in each other? Can they create a future together or will they…crash & burn?

Is it kidnapping to take an unconscious girl home? Dane: Lust. Fire. Instant Obsession. I should not feel this much for a patient. Especially since she’s not even an official patient, just a breathtaking, helpless girl who passes out in my arms in the drugstore. She’s mine. I feel it everywhere. I’ll heal her. Provide and care for my little angel. When her perfect body and soul are mine, she’ll never want to leave. Kayla: Fainting in the muscled arms of a stranger was embarrassing. Waking up in his elegant home is a dream. I’m trapped. But as Dane lavishes me with attention, I don’t want to escape. Even when the seductive doctor’s touches move beyond the clinical. Just when I imagine a real life with this gorgeous silver fox, everything crashes down. If we have a relationship, he’ll be ruined. I won’t be anyone’s dirty little secret.

A nurse on the run. A biker with a dark past. An unlikely match that will change their worlds forever. Ryker Cole’s friend is dying, and his world is crumbling around him. When shy and nervous nurse, Charlotte, walks into that hospital room, he is captivated by her sharp wit and kind smile. Their conversations soothe him, her presence keeping him steady, but Ryker knows she’s not for him. Women like Charlotte don’t belong in the world of the Kings of Korruption MC. It’s not safe. Except, Charlotte’s already in danger. Her past has caught up with her, and this time, she may not survive.

He’s the key that unlocks her deepest darkness. Britt’s spent 7 years alone. The only man in her too-quiet life was her parrot, Peg Leg “Peggy” Pete. Until Roman Carter steps out of the shadows in a haze of custom-tailored wool and imported cigarette smoke. Britt’s awakened to a swirl of need and desire that can only be fulfilled in his strong arms. Roman’s a true wild card-the Dandelion Jack. But somewhere between the late nights together and lazy breakfasts in bed, doubts start to creep in. What dark secrets lie behind her lover’s sultry eyes? And why does every tangled thread of mystery she unravels lead back to the same haunted place she first met Roman? As the pieces fall into place, Britt realizes that uncovering the dangerous truth means risking her heart.

She was PTA and bake sales.
He was bars and strip clubs.
She wasn’t his type.
He knew she was his.
He would pursue her.
She’d make him work for it.
He wasn’t giving up.
She could be persuaded…

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