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Like all Necromancers, Cassius Corbin grew up knowing one irrevocable truth: death comes for us all. It was a lesson he learned well when his mother was murdered by fellow witches. Six years later, he is back in the town of Winslow, Massachusetts to attend Tennebrose University. But that’s not the only reason. While he’s home, he intends to track down a magical folio stolen from his family centuries ago. Once he finds it, he’ll finally be everything the witches in Winslow fear and the Corbin name will be respected once again — as long as Graeme Hewitt, the son of his family’s archenemy, stays out of his way. As the first weather witch born in a century, the witches in Winslow demand great things from Graeme Hewitt, despite his thoughts on the matter. He’s supposed to be their future, but all Graeme can think about is the past — until the infuriating Cassius Corbin returns. In spite of the blood feud that has raged for centuries between their families, Graeme finds himself in the unfortunate situation of needing Cassius’s help. Six years ago, Graeme’s little brother also died and Graeme wants the truth about what happened that day. So who better to answer his questions than the son of the woman who murdered him?

Ronnie: I will never fit in at Riverton Prep. Since my dad took the job as principal here, I’ve spent most of my time desperately trying to hide in the shadows. I want nothing more than to go unnoticed by the wanna-be YouTube stars that roam these hallways. At least I have my romance novels, and the hope that one day I’ll find my own happily ever after. When something traumatic happens to me, the guy who saves me doesn’t seem like the hero type. Is Sawyer meant to be my hero or the villain of my story? Sawyer: Since the scandal that rocked my family three years ago, I am considered unwelcome trash by most of the residents of Five Oaks. That’s fine with me, except that I’m forced into working for my sinister uncle and bonehead cousin. When I rescue Ronnie from a scary situation, she shows me that I can be someone different. Can I be the good guy she needs me to be or am I destined to be the bad guy like the other men in my family?

When Greg Hendricks agrees to his wife’s request for an open marriage, he doesn’t anticipate she’ll fall in love with another man and leave. He doesn’t anticipate losing his job either. Drowning in self-destruction, Greg clings to his memories of New Orleans nine months before—the night he wandered into a movie theater called Paradise and spent an evening talking with the beautiful owner, Violet Devollier. Their connection was brief but intense. A connection so intense that when Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans, Greg will stop at nothing to return to Paradise and find Violet. But what good is a broken man in a broken city? For Greg to have any chance of a future with Violet, he’ll have to find the courage to piece himself back together as they rebuild Paradise after the storm.

One night of toe-curling passion was all but forgotten until today. My brother’s best friend shows up and wants me to play his wife. The last person I wanted to see while in town was Jack Muller. Seeing him makes my soul melt. I have to remind myself to stay clear and keep my emotions intact. But when I catch his dark lustful eyes on me, it makes me tingle all over. His next move blows my mind. Jack asks me to marry him. He will promise the moon to get what he wants. The game he’s playing is not real. But not all goes as planned. I get caught in the middle. My brother and Jack will have to come to an agreement. Because now there’s someone else in the picture … a baby.

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