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When you love someone…you’ll do anything to protect them. Warwick Nobles values his job as the leading hand at Stormcloud Station, but lately he’s been feeling restless and thinks about moving on. Sent out to check a malfunctioning camera at an isolated bore site, he finds something astounding that will change his life forever. Kee Singh cares about only one thing, her four-year-old daughter, Bennie. At first, she doesn’t want to trust Warwick, but she’s left with little option when her car breaks down in the middle of the outback and she runs out of food and water. This small-town cowboy catches her off guard. Broody and handsome, Warwick starts to break down Kee’s trust issues, when he proves honest men do exist. Warwick makes a deal with Kee, to keep her safe and sheltered until she can find a way out of her predicament. But Kee never intended to stay in Queensland, and she will always put her daughter first. When she finally tells him the truth, that she testified against her husband—a corrupt cop—and is now on the run, afraid for her daughter’s safety, Warwick wonders if he can truly protect her, after all. 

Betrayed. Imprisoned. Alone. For decades I have suffered as a reluctant blood donor. Caged like an animal and drained of my strength to enrich the Radcliffs and their winery. I’d forsaken all hope of escape—until the winemaker’s daughter returns to the family’s estate. A drop of my immortal blood is all it takes to activate her psychic talents. Now we’re connected, and all that remains is convincing her to seek me in the darkness. Bribe. Seduce. Deceive. To claim she’s too young is an understatement. But a starving man doesn’t have the luxury of waiting for fruit to ripen. I’ve awakened her gifts, and now it’s her turn to replenish me. I will have my fill of the winemaker’s daughter. Then I will take revenge on her family.

Alex Vaughn: The last thing I wanted was to be named San Francisco’s Most Eligible Bachelor. The title alone was misleading. I wasn’t a bachelor. I was a widower and single father. One who wasn’t available or interested. Well… there was one person who might have piqued my interest. Cupcake Girl. But interest and intent are two very different things. Sadie Burke: I must have Dateless and Desperate tattooed on my forehead. That was the only reason I could think of that would explain why everyone and their grandma, literally, were trying to set me up. But, alas, all that effort was to no avail. I’m on a dating hiatus. A romance sabbatical, if you will. The only person who has even come close to tempting me to break my self-imposed celibacy is Mr. Smolder. But temptation and action are two very different things.
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